300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz question answer for Loksewa GK

300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz question answer for Loksewa GK – My dear learners, today, we are going to share with you 300 most important Nepali gk question answers in Nepali and English both languages. This post will solve your quires like Nepali GK, Quiz question in Nepal language, online gk practice Nepal, Loksewa gk, loksewa tayari in Nepal, current affairs of Nepal, current affairs gk and samasamayik samanya gyan in the Nepali language. 
300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz question answer for Loksewa GK
Nepali GK
In this blog post, We will include  300 most important general knowledge related Nepali GK with various sectors such as political, current affairs of Nepal, cultural, world geography, Nepal geography, religion, etc. Please read carefully these included content to passing Public Service Commission Nepal Exam related Nepali GK for Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Adhikrit, Bank exam, all level Loksewa Exam, and other competitive exams. 

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There are 300 general knowledge questions and answers with Nepali and English language, you can choose your language as your wish. We will try to update current affairs of Nepal, Nepali history, world history, etc, contents in this post. So, don’t forget to visit.  Let’s start to reading, all the best.


300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz questions


1. In which district is the ‘Fungfung’ waterfall?
– Nuwakot

2. How many heritage properties are listed in the World Heritage List?
– 10

3. Who was the first to use the word ‘Jai Nepal’?
– Shukraraj Shastri

4. How many national pride projects are there in Nepal right now?
– 23

5. What percentage of the total land area of ​​Nepal is cultivated on land?
– 17.97%

6. Which is Nepal’s first highway ??
– Tribhuvan highway

7. What is the name of road Kathmandu – Pokhara?
– Prithwi Highway

8. What is called the blank sheet on the front and back of the book?
– Fly Leaf

9. Who is the ‘Zero’ Inventor?
– Arya Bhatt

10. From which district did tea cultivation originate in Nepal?


11. When was the division of 14 zones and 75 districts?
– 2018 Baishakh 01

12. How many MW of electricity has been produced in Nepal so far?
– 1142Mw

13. When is earthquake day celebrated in Nepal?
– Magh 2

14. In which district does the Chinamasta’s temple belong?
– Saptari

15. What is is called Tharu caste the ‘Ghar-Jwai’ in tradition ?
– Bhyawarpaithana

16. Which district lies in Zakhira Lake?
– Kapilvastu

17. By what name is the Bhandarkal festival known?
– Basnet Parwa

18. How many trade points have been opened between Nepal and India?
– 27

19. Which is the smallest district of Nepal after local level division?
– Bhaktapur

20. Where is the ‘Ghorne’ waterfall?
– Sankhuwasabha


21. Where did Gautam Buddha give the first sermon?
– Sarnath of India

22. Who is the second Miss Nepal of Nepal?
– Sumi Khadka

23. Who is the first Chairman of the Public Service Commission?
– Anirudra Prasad Singh

24. Which is the tallest temple in Nepal?
– Muktinath (3750 m)

25. By what treaty did the First World War end?
– Treaty of Versailles

26. When was Nepal declared untouchable free nation?
– B.S. 2073 Jeshth 21

27. What is the slogan of First National Women’s Rights Day?
– End of gender discrimination Destinations of prosperous Nepal

28. What is considered the world’s first cashier?
– Tea

29. When did the plantation program start in Nepal?
– B.S. 2002

30. Where is the lowest section of the Asian Highway?
– Singapore



31. Which country is the largest cotton producing country in the world?
– China

32. What is a country with no police and no prison?
– Iceland

33. What is the hottest place in the world?
– Libya’s Azizia

34. What is the coldest place in the world?
– Russia’s Barkhiangkas

35. Who has used the custom of cutting a child’s placenta after birth?
– Anshuvarma

36. What was the district called during ‘Lichchhivikal’?
– Bisaya

37. Who is known as the Bullet King?
– Trilokya Vikram Shah

38. which bank logan is from Halo to Hydro?
– Megha Bank

39. Who is known as the Hakki Magician?
– Dhyan Chandra Singh, India

40. Which is the only district not getting fish in Nepal?
– Manang


41. When was the Manakamana Kewalcar operated?
– B.S. 2055 Mansir 8

42. How many years do the Chief Justice and other Supreme Court justices hold office until they are of age?
– 65 years

43. Which is the nation with the most borders in the world?
– China

44. Who is known as the Magician of the East?
– Jagdish Chandra Boss

45. Which country is ruled by two presidents?
– Sanmarino

46. Who is known as the birthplace of World Cup football?
– Julius Rimet

47. Who is the Global Social Worker who is carrying an owl?
– Florence Nightingale

48. Who made the palace school open to the public?
– Bir shamsher

49. When was the Public Service Commission named as a ‘Loksewa Aayog’?
– B.S. 2015 Ashad 16

50. Which country is more literate women than men?
– Hungary

51. How large part of Nepal’s total area is the Terai province occupied?
– 17%

52. In which iceberg Nilgiri Mountain is consist?
– Dhaulagiri

53. In which district is Gosikund located?
– Rasuwa

54. Which mountain of Nepal is considered as the basis for authentic time?

55. What is the estimated number of rivers in Nepal?
– 6000

56. What is the average length of Nepal-West?
– 885 km

57. Which district is known for Nepal’s coffee production?
– Gulmi

58. When was Radio Nepal founded?
– B.S. 2007 Chaitra 20

59. On which river does the Nilgad mix?
– Mahakali River

60. How many hight located is Muktinath?
– 3750 meters

61. Which is the largest river in Nepal?
– Saptakoshi

62. How much is Nepal smaller than China?
– 65 Times

63. Which is the headquarters district of Nepal at its highest?
– Simikot

64. How much is average width of north-south of Nepal?
– 193 km

65. Which district refers to the district of Lokta and the district of the suspension bridge?
– Baglung

66. What is the area of Kathmandu Valley?
– 642 sq. Km

67. What is the hottest place in Nepal?
– Nepalgunj

68. Which is the highest rainfall district of Nepal?
– Kaski, Lumley

69. Which is the lowest watering district of Nepal?
– Mustang


70. How many mountains are there over 8 thousand meters in Nepal?
– 8

71. In which district is Satyavati lake situated?
– Palpa

72. What mountain range does the Makalu Mountain fall into?
– Mahalangur

73. If the famous place of the sunrise falls in the famous place of Nepal, Nagarkot Bhaktapur, in which district, Antu hill falls?
– Ilam

74. In which district is Mahendra Cave located?
– Kaski

75. In which district does Helambu belong?
– Sindhupalchok

76. Which is the headquarters of Nepal at the lowest altitude?
– Jaleshwar

77. Which district is the most connected with the border in nepal?
– Sindhuli

78. Which is the famous district for ginger farming?
– Salyan

79. Which district lies the northernmost point of Nepal?
– Humla

80. Which district is the southernmost point of Nepal?
– Lodabari, Jhapa

81. From the topography, how many regions of Nepal Split?
– 3 (Himalayas, Mountains, Terai)

82. What does white gold mean?
– Cotton

83. In which district does Turature Lake fall?
– Baglung

84. Which country is known as the Land of the Lilies?
– Canada

85. In which district does the Purnerava palace fall?
– Routine

86. Which planet is longer day than the year?
– Venus

87. Which animal is having the longest pregnancy period ?
– The elephant

88. Which district is known as the district of the seven lakes?
– Rasuwa

89. How old must be to become President?
– 45 years

90. Who is Nepal’s first elected Prime Minister?
– B.P Koirala

91. Which country is not involved in any war?
– Switzerland

92. In which district does the ‘Fungfung Fall?
– Nuwakot

93. How many years difference between Vikram Samvat and Christian Samvat?
– Almost 57 years

94. Which cashier corp is known as Khulsa’s gold?
– Cardamom

95. Who is known as ‘Asukawi’?
– Shambhu Prasad Dhungel

96. What gas is filled in the electric bulb?
– Nitrogen

97. What does black diamond mean when it is coal, and what does ‘white gold’ mean?
– Hydropower

98. Who won the elephant beauty contest title at the festival held at Sauraha in Chitwan in Push 2074 ?
– Pujakali

99. Which is the first magazine published in Nepali language?
– Life of Gorkha India

100. Who is the one who goes to meet Sri 5 Tribhuvan by crossing the wall of the palace?
– Tank Prasad Acharya


101. When was Falgunanda, the godfather of Kirant religion, declared as the seventh national power of Nepal?
– B.S 2066 Mansir 16

102. What is considered the world’s first disease?
– Leprosy

103. From which country did the first lottery originate?
– Italy

104. Which country is the world’s first female president?
– Argentina

105. In which country is the oldest statue in the world located?
– France

106. Which account does not earn interest when depositing funds in banks?
– Current Account

107. Which country is a Saturday holiday like Nepal?
– Israel

108. Which is the oldest Beda?
– The RigBeda

109. What is known as the priesthood of Meche?
– Diusi

110. Which is national park having the highest tiger in Nepal?
– Chitwan National Park

111. Who was the Prime Minister of Nepal during the Kotparwa Festival?
– Fatejung Shah

112. What is the number of member states in the UN Security Council?
– 15

113. Who founded Lalitpur?
– Bardev

114. Which district lies Chchhorolpa Lake?
– Dolakha

115. In how many languages is the Gorkhapatra, the old daily journal of Nepal currently published?
– In 37 languages

116. Who is known as the Living Martyr?
– Tunk Prasad Acharya

117. Who is the King of Nepal who first visited Europe?
– King Tribhuvan

118. Which is the longest running ‘Jatra’ in Nepal?
– Jatra of Red Machhindra Nath

119. Who was the first editor of ‘The Rising Nepal’?
– Barun Shamsher

120. Which caste celebrates the Gaura festival?
– Tharu caste

121. In which district does Dipendra Shikhar fall?
– Elam

122. Which caste celebrates the festival of ‘Siruwa’?
– Rajbamsi

123. What is the organism that produces red sweat when angry?
– Rhinoceros

124. In which district is the highest cultivation of paddy in Nepal?
– Jumla

125. In which district does Jatapokhari lake fall?
– Sindhupalchok

126. Who is saying ‘The Smile Does Not Smile the Face Has a Smiling Face’.
– Indra Bahadur Rai

127. Who was the philosopher who walk on the road to seek God?
– Frederick Nietzsche

128. What is the number of United Nations member states currently?
– 193

129. In which caste is the custom of marrying the head collide of the bride and groom three times?
– Chepang

130. How long has the 23th Male and 8th National Weightlifting Championship been held in Pokhara?
– Pausha 26-28, 2074 B.S

131. How many years did the king of Gopalvanshi rule?
– 529 years

132. If Nepal is the first international organization ECAFE to become a member then write what is its meaning?
– Economic Commission for Asia and Far East

133. Who was the president of the United States who could write English with his right hand and French with his left hand?
– James A. Garfield

134. When was the National Assembly election held?
– B.S. 2074 Magh 24

135. When did Keshav Raj Masak, considered to be Nepal’s first civil servant, die?
– B.S. 2074 Magh

136. The four lakhs prizes awarded every four years were awarded to the Prithvi Pragya Award 2074, to whom?
– Dr. Taranath Sharma

137. What is the name of the province no. 6 of the State meeting ?
– Karnali region

138. Who is appointed the Attorney General of Nepal from law person?
– Agni Kharel (2074 Falgun 07)

139. What is the Muscat of the Eighth National Sports Competition?
– Elephant Baby

140. In what places in Nepal is the international film being made?
– Bhimeshwar of Dolakha

141. When was Khotang declared a literate district?
– B.S. 2074 falgun 2 (44th District)

142. When was the official launch of Smart Gorkhapatra-2018?
– B.S 2074 Falgun 2

143. According to the Telecommunication Authority, by end of Mansir, what percentage of the total population has access to the Internet?
– 66.17%

144. When did KP Sharma Oli become prime minister for the second time?
– B.S. 2074 Falgun 03

145. Which team won the Budhusubba Gold Cup football 2074 year?
– Three stars

146. Who was awarded the Madan Prize for 2073?
– Dhanshyam Kandel to ‘Dhritarashtra’

147. Generals secretary of army Open Marathon – 2074 Who won?
– Krishna Basnet of the Nepalese Army

148. When was the first tea counting started in Nepal?
– B.S 2074 Magh 25

149. Who was awarded the Best Peace Prize of the year 2074?
– To Ravindra Sameer

150. How many countries have double tax exempt countries with Nepal?
– 11

151. How many years has the Plan for Development of Karnali been prepared by the Karnali Development Commission?
– 10 years (Fisal year 073/74 to 082/83)

152. Who is the Conservation Leader appointed as Nepal’s representative to the WWF?
– Dr. Ghanshyam Gurung

153. When was formally started production from Chameliya Hydropower Project with capacity of 30 MW?
– B.S 2074 Magh 27

154. When did NASA land an insider lander on Mars?
– November 26, 2018

155. When was the summit of the 13th G20 held?
– November 30, 2018 until December 1, (Argentina)

156. Dhankuta’s, Bandana Nepal When did Nepal dance for 126 hours and wrote its name in the Guinness Book?
– B.S 2075 Mansir 12

157. Which is the only Roman Catholic country in Asia?
– Philippines

158. How many places is Nepal in World Press Freedom 2018?
– 106th

159. Where is Nepal at Global Peace Index 2018?
– 84th

160. When was the first Avocado Festival in Nepal?
– B.S 2075 Mansir 8 (Dhankuta)

161. When was the first bird festival in Lumbini?
– B.S.2075 Mansir [10th]

160. How many kg of waste is required to be brought to the base camp, equivalent to one mountaineer who climbs Everest?
– 8 kg

161. When was the Supreme Court ordering the return of government services to former Prime Ministers and Ministers in Nepal?
– B.S 2068 Mansir 22

162. What is the full form of NATO?
– North Atlantic Treaty Organization

163. Which is the first fully vaccinated province of Nepal?
– Gandaki region

164. Which country is known as the elephant country?
– Thailand

165. Which is the tallest waterfall in Nepal?
– Kalikot’s Panchala waterfall, 381 m.

166. Which district is known as the younger district of Nepal?
– Purwi Rukum

167. Who is currently the Chairman of the Public Service?
– Umesh Prasad Mainali

168. Which country is the sunrise at midnight?
– Norway

169. Which is the largest animal in place of world?
– The elephant

170. Which is the most living creature in the world?
– Turtle (300 years)

171. Which is considered the oldest grain in the world?
– Soybean

172. What does the word ‘Paigambar’ mean?
– The angel of God

173. Who was the last Hindu king of India?
– Prithviraj Chauhan

174. What century is known in geographical history as the “New Era?”
– 18th

175. What was the first writ to come into force after Magnacarta?
– Prison authorization

176. Which continent is also known as ‘Last of Lands’?
– Australia

177. What does ‘palettee’ belong to?
– Music

178. What does it mean to ‘Mohan Jodda’?
– Pile of corpses

179. What is a curauti-speaking community?
– Muslim

180. How many players are there in a lacrosse game?
– 12

181. When did the Indian Survey Department measure the height of the Everest?
– AD 1855

182. Since the end of the Jar regime in Russia has the Soviet Union been declared a republic?
– 1918 January 25

183. Which city is known as the ‘Queen of the South’?
– Melbourne

184. In which district does ‘Rajarani Lake’ fall?
– Morang

185. When was Narendra Modi’s first visit to Nepal?
– B.S. 2071 Sauna 17-18

186. What is the place where Ravana has taken Sita away?
– Ashok Vatika

187. ‘Wanganga Irrigation Project” is located in which district?
– Kapilvastu

188. Which country is known as the climatic country of South America?
– Argentina

189. Which country is the much airport in South America?
– Brazil

190. Which country is known as ‘Buffer Zone of Europe’?
– Belgium


191. How many Indian boarders are open with Nepal?
– 27

192. Where does the long Silk Road begin and end 6500 km?
– Chin Xian to Italy Rome

193. When was the fourth summit of Bimeste?
– August 30-31 (2018)

194. How many places is the Human Development Index 2018?
– 149th place

195. Who is the intigrity idol Nepal 2018?
– Ram Bahadur Kuruwang Limbu

196. Who is Miss Universe’s 2018?
– Catriona Grayle

197. Which is the 39th country of the air agreement with Nepal?
– Cambodia (November 29, 2018)

198. What is the number of tigers in Nepal in 2018?
– Total 235

199. Who was awarded Madan Award 2074?
– Neelam Karki “NIHARIKA”

200. How many doors are there in Koshi Barrage?
– 55


201. What is the science of mountain studies called?
– Orthology

202. What is the full form of CNN?
– Cable News Network

203. What is the tallest building in the world?
– Burj Khalifa, Dubai (1 Locked)

204. Which is the highest remittance country in the world?
– India

205. Who is the first to use the word ‘Jai Nepal’?
– Sahid Shukraj Raj Shastri

206. Before Nepal was unified, what was the only place where the word Nepal was understood?
– Kathmandu

207. In what units is gold fineness measured?
– Caret

208. Which is the largest arms trading nation in the world?
– America

209. What is the most common disease that a person has?
– Tooth disease

210. What is called a hundred year period?
– Century

211. Which is the most expensive metal?
– Radium

212. Which is the only mammalian organism to fly?
– Leather

213. A device called ECG is used for the examination of which organ?
– Heart

214. Which country’s capital of the SAARC nation is closest to Kathmandu?
– Thimpu, Bhutan

215. Which is the largest tourist coming way in Nepal?
– Sunauli

216. How many years does a centimeter of clay usually take to grow?
– Almost 400 years

217. Which is the most active metal?
– Francium

218. How far does the light pass in 1 second?
– 30 million kilometers

219. How long does it take for the sun’s light to come to Earth?
– 8 minutes 20 seconds

220. What is the name of the driver of the ship?
– Sea Captain


221. Which river in the world does not have fish?

– Jordan

222. What is the full form of SIM CARD used on mobile phones?
– Subscriber Identification Modules

223. Which is the country which proposes to Participate China to the SAARC nation?
– Nepal

224. Which is the largest employer organization in the world?
– Indian Railways

225. What is the full form of CDMA?
– Code Division Multiple Access

226. Which Ministry Announces Public Holidays?
– Ministry of Home Affairs

227. What is the full form of ROBERT?
– Rocket Borne Emergency Radio Transmeter

228. Who is Nepal’s first elected Prime Minister?
– Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala

229. What ray is used in remote control?
– Infra red rays

230. Chilly is spicy by which element?
– Captysine


231. What is the name of a device that checked driver drink alcoholic or not?
– Breathalyzer

232. Who is the inventor of radio?
– Marconi

233. Which is the largest industrial sector in Nepal?
– Hetauda Industrial Area

234. When was Dr. Ram Baran Yadav elected as the first President of Nepal?
– B.S. 2063 Sauna 03

235. Who is the first Nepali actress to star in a Hollywood movie?
– Sveta Lamichhane

236. Where is the world’s highest railway constructed?
– China

237. Which is currently the most populous city in the world?
– Tokyo

238. Which is the largest island in the world?
– Greenland

239. Which is the largest sand carrying river in the world?
– Hwanggo (China)

240. Who is the world’s first Nepali tiger expert?
– Dr. Prahlad Yonge

241. What is the fastest growing plant?

– Bamboo

242. Who is known as Panchayat Malam?
– Marichaman Sing

243. What is the name of the first-born clone?
– Dolly

244. Which country in the world does not have its own soldiers?
– Costa Rica

245. Which is the world’s first spoken movie?
– George Singer

246. What is the country that does not raise the flag in national mourning?
– Saudi

247. Which country has the most Vice President position in the world?
– Iran (2 person)

248. Which country is women more literate than men?
– Hungary

249. Which is the country with the most women participation in politics?
– Sweden

250. Which country is the largest female soldier in the world?
– Israel


251. In which country is the 18 months of 1 year and 20 days of 1 month considered?

– Mexico

252. Where is 6 days a week considered?
– Tibet

253. What is the country that holds the presidential election every year?
– Switzerland

254. When was Interpol founded?
– 1956

255. Which country in the world is not covered in dead bodies?
– Saudi

256. In which country in the world is the forest worshiped?
– Switzerland

257. Where is the world’s largest prison?
– Pakistan

258. When was the establishment of radio in the world?
– 1675, UK

259. In which country in the world is a child born after one years considered?
– Japan

260. What is the tallest creature?
– The giraffe


261. What is a non-snake country?

– Iceland

262. Which country is having the most computers in the world?
– America

263. Who is the king who died in the plague epidemic?
– Bhaskar Malla

264. Which is the smallest satellite?
– Leeda

265. How deep is the Mariana Trench?
– 11,776 m

267. What is the test used to diagnose typhoid?
– Wheedle test

268. Who is the inventor of the telephone?
– Alexander Graham Bell

267. Who is the inventor of television?
– J.L. Beyerd

268. Who is the Exponent of the Sun-Centered Principle?
– Nicholas Copernicus

269. Who was the inventor of the telescope?
– Galileo Galilee

270. Who was the inventor of penicillin?
– Alexander Fleming

271. How old was Jung Bahadur Rana when he was Prime Minister?

– 29 years

272. How many nations have provided negative voting rights to their voters so far?
– 3 (including Nepal)

273. Which is the first book published for the purpose of teaching Nepali language?
– Alphanumeric education

274. When was Durbar High School established?
– B.S 1990 Ashoj27

275. What is said by the Kamaiya to repay the loan?
– Sauki

276. Which district of Nepal is known by the nickname of Medical City?
– Chitwan

277. Which Rana Prime Minister initiated the use of Khadak Dent Impressions?
– Bir Shamsher

278. How many times has the UN Charter been amended so far?
– 5 times

279. Who is the first Everest mountaineer to not have both hands?
– Sudarshan Gautam

280. When is the darkest day in the history of sports in Nepal?
– B.S. 2044 Falgun 29

281. Who is the highest times the mount Everest climber?
– Kamirita Sherpa (24 times)

282. Which mountain is known as the White Mountain?
– Dhaulagiri

283. Which animal has three hearts and blue blood?
– Octopus

284. Where is the Bat Protection Area?
– Kapilvastu

285. When did the Nirmala Pant mur*ders take place in Kanchanpur, Nepal?
– B.S. 2075 Sauna 10

286. Which is Nepal’s first WiFi Free District?
– Myagdi

287. In which caste is the ‘Putpute dance’ prevalent?
– Gurung

289. When was the National Sports Council established?
– B.S 2017 Mansir 20

290. Who is the designer of Narayanhiti Palace?
– B. Forn


291. Which is the only Terai district not covered by the Mahendra highway?

– Parsa

292. Which is the largest man-made lake in Nepal?
– Indrasarovar (Makwanpur)

293. In which district is ‘Nand Bhauju’ Lake located?
– Chitwan

294. Which is the famous district for textile in Dhaka?
– Palpa

295. Which year of Nepal was celebrated as a tourist year?
– B.S 2073

296. Which are the SAARC Summits in Nepal so far until?
– Third, eleventh and eighteen

297. Which is the largest employment organization in the world?
– Indian Railways

298. Which is the nearest airport from Kathmandu?
– Tribhuvan International Airport

299. Which is the first film lunch in internet in Nepal?
– Badal Pari

300. Which is the famous district for coffee farming?
– Gulmi

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