Why the Loksewa Aayog Nepal is increased the competition in every years

Why the Loksewa Aayog Nepal is increased the competition in every year

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Loksewa Aayog

Why the Loksewa Aayog Nepal has increased the competition in every year – Loksewa Aayog is one of the best ways to get government job in Nepal. People are necessary to   pass Loksewa Aayog exam for getting govt. job. There is highly competition in Loksewa Aayog. Today we are discussing about ‘why the Loksewa Aayog is increased the highly competition’.
What is Nepal’s Public Service Commission?
Public Service Commission is a government mechanism that enables recruitment and promotion of employees fairly. It is considered to be important for the developing countries like Nepal. It also provides important contribution to the end of political interference. Public Service Commission Nepal established in B.S. 2008. It has created its name as an organization working independently and fairly. Public Service Commission of Nepal is currently president, Umesh Prasad Mainali.
Nepal is a small country. There are highly unemployed people in Nepal. One of the best ways is getting government job in Nepal by Loksewa Aayog. But there is high competition. Various People are wants to get govt. job. So, many people are applied the many post of Loksewa. If you want to pass loksewa Aayog, you will make first passion and prepare the best than other competition. These are the main reason for increasing competition government job in Nepal.
1. Unemployment  
This is the main problems in Nepalese context. There are not facilities for job opportunities in Nepal. Loksewa Aayog is one of the best options for getting a government job. People are highly filled the form of Loksewa Aayog application. And additional people thought Loksewa is best option of job such as job security, retirement compensation, health and education facilities etc. makes highly attract the unemployed people. So, there is high competition in Loksewa Aayog Nepal.         
2.  Job attraction
Loksewa Aayog helps employee to increasing name and fame of public. All people are wanted to make famous at the middle of people. This wishes of people help fulfill by Loksewa Aayog. And salary and job security is better than other private jobs institutions. So, these cause increasing the competition in Loksewa Aayog.
 3. Job opportunity
In Nepalese context, there is no job efficient opportunity in Nepalese market. People don’t get a suitable job for their education. People are working low salary in the private sector. Government Nepal provides same special benefits, so people want to join a government job. It is another cause of increasing competition in Loksewa Aayog Nepal.
 4. Family and social identity
Many parents are want to join their children in government job because of the main reason is job security. In our society give the high importance of government employee. If one member of the family get govt. job, he/she will help increase the family value in society. Parents are increased the motivation their child for joining government and other society education people are tell them same to parents. So, it is another cause for increasing competition.
5. Belief above the Commission
The main reason of increasing the competition is belief above the institute. The Public Service Commission is considered as an independent organization. Only your ability can be used to get a job. There is a belief in the people that no one can listen to it for getting a job. Candidates are also increasing due to fair and simplicity and also get participant poor candidates.
Loksewa Aayog is the best job opportunity sources of Nepal. Many people wanted to join government job and there is no job opportunity is the main cause of increasing the competition in Loksewa Aayog. Other main cause is help to increased family and social reputation.

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