Tips How to Increase the Memory Power from Gorkhapatra

How to Increase the Memory Power  All we wish, our memory power level should good or enhancing. When, our ages are increased day by day, but normally our memory power decreases relative to an early age. If we aren’t balanced with our memory power, you may be loose your productive. So, we are conscious of this to balance our memory power. Dr. Narendra Shinha Thagunna shares with us some important tips about how we can easily Increase Memory Power.
According to Dr. Narendra Shinha Thagunna, 9 steps to How to Increase Memory Power. These are mentioned in the following:

1. Focusing on Catering 

2. Regular physical exercise

3. Positive thinking
4. Enough sleep
5. Meditation
6. Keep a high level of mental activity from an early age
7. Expand education
8. Quit smoking
9. Establish a good relationship

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Please focus your daily routine and enhance the your level of memory power. If you haven’t good memory power, your can loose your job or career. So, be conscious about this in time. Wish you guys, sustainable your good level of Memory Power always.  
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