Study Tips – My 10 tips for How to study theory subject Smart not Hard

Study Tips

Oxygen is an important element to live for any life. Likewise, education is considered to be an inevitable element to help his life to live smoothly and solve the problem that comes. Reading and teaching is a process that continues from birth to death. But today we are going to tell you tips that have been studied in schools, colleges and various levels and will be very effective for all the preparations made by various competitive exams.

Today our topic is “Study Tips: My 10 tips for How to study theory subject Smart not Hard”. To read the theory subject, we all get the most hurdles, but it is compulsory to study. Theory subject cannot be reached near the previous class without passing and it is also reduced to our number or marks at all. But do not worry because today we will discuss the tips about study theory subject.
I’m a graduate student. I also used various tricks to read Theory subject. That’s why I was able to bring top marks to the theory subject of my board exam. Today I am going to present these suggestions and tricks for studying theory subject. Hopefully, you will definitely have some help. The tips presented below will definitely help you to increase the number in your theory subject. They are presented below.

1. At what time reading better

All of students, this is the question of getting up. Reading at what time is more effective. Most people suggest reading in the morning. At that time we can be remembered than relative to other time. I also like this, but while studying at my rules, reading Theory subject first and reading the numerical subject at the last. I used this strategy when I studied. So study the Theory subject at which time you are more productive. Whatever you study, you can get a good result, just want to read.

2. Make a plan which chapter wants to study

First of all, be sure to study which chapter today, because it puts your attention in one subject and you already know what to study today. So starting the study theory subject, today, make sure which topics I want to read.
And on the other hand, keep the necessary materials together as you study. Do not keep mobile phones near you, which can interfere with your study.

3. Reading by understanding

If you are going to read theory subject, read that content properly. Once you can read and read all, then study it 2/3 times. Be clear about what it has said.

4. Writing to Remember

Understand after studying it; try writing it in a copy. This can help you compare how much you remember. On the other hand, while trying to remember writing long-term help also reminds us.

5. Notes and summaries

Understand Concept as a whole, try writing it in your simple language. This can be revised later in the short run because the book cannot be studied long and overall. Due to its language and simplicity, time is saved and is not afraid of getting rid of important things.

6. Group Discussion

Group Disussion

The concept of theory subject can be understood from Group Discussion. 3/4 friends can be discussed about any topic. It can be help learn new thing and your mistakes can also be removed. Group discussion may not be appropriate when the examination is closed, so a group can be discussed shortly before the examination. Everyone of group members benefits from this.

7. Revision

Theory subjects should be forgotten as soon as possible. This is also an important part of Revision. Initially studying the first strap should be done within 24 hours, after 1 week, 15 days later, revision. All Toppers are found using this method.


8. Short cut trick making

It is also one of the main ways to remember the Theory Subject. After making note of important ancestors, study it by making short cut trick. This can be remembered for a long time. Creating a short cut trick can be adopted in different ways such as: on the rhythm of any songs, on the basis of any letter, and other in its own way. It also helps to bring a good number to Theory Subject.

9. Compare reading

While studying in this way, you have already studied the relative concept. As a result, another topic related to the first study can be considered to be another new topic. For this, first of all, you need to know about the related topic then you can compare the two related topics.


10. Good listening to sir

At the time of the study in class, you can hear more about this topic, but not only listening to it well. Because the sir has many years of teaching experience, and information about all that is needed and the need to read .Therefore, the students should be given attention and asking questions with sir. Due to discussion with Sir and other colleagues, it can be understood well and long-term remember also helps.

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