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Many students want to be topper in the exam but they didn’t get it. What are the main reasons that you don’t top in the exam? Today we are discussing the topic ‘Smart Study Tips for Students How to be a Successful Student in the exam’. I am also sharing with you my personal trick about Topper Study Tips for students.
Almost all students want to be a topper but they aren’t achieving their dream. They have no idea about how to study or which trick is applied while study time. We can’t remember any topic long time, what is the main reason for that. Today, we are talking about these important points that can help the student be a topper.

1. Regularity

The most important point of the study is regularity. If you want to be a topper, you must follow this trick. Many topper students are saying in an interview, they are studying a regular basis. They also said that the study is the first priory and then the other.

2. Make timetable

It is another important point for study tips. You make a suitable timetable that’s appropriate for you. You are giving the priory for all subjects and include in the timetable as you wish. 

For example, many students are saying theory subject study time is better in the morning or many students are saying day time is appropriate or some students night. So, all students study time is different from their nature. You don’t follow another time table because they make fit for themselves. So, you make your own study timetable. After making the timetable you follow it on a regular base. The timetable is helping you to manage your time. There is no change to leave an important subject if you regularly followed this technique.

3. Revision

Many topper students have followed these rules. Revision is a technique that helps you remember for a long time. You can revise the first time in a 24 hours interval. Then you can revise for 1 week, then 1 month, then 3 months or final exam. Most of the talents students are following these tactics. Our brain needs revision for long term remembering. Some students are studied in the whole day. But they didn’t follow this rule. At the exam time forget them all the syllabuses. So, you follow this rule to get topper in the exam. 

4. Make note or summary

It plays a vital role in your study. When you started reading the book, you take a notebook and start includes an important question and answer.  It helps you manage your preparation time in the exam. You can revision all the syllabuses in a short time, there is no chance to leave an important question. 

Topper students are making a note copy and study in the exam. They have copied all important topics in their notes. Include knowledge and additional that knows about all content in a simple way on your note copy. If you want to be a topper in the exam, you can follow this trick.

5. Mark or Sign-in book

When you started the reading book, you mark important topics or lines. Many students say it makes rough our book. They didn’t know about its benefits. They want to protect their book clear at the end of the exam. But topper students are not following this rule. They mark in a book for revision important topic at the exam time. It helps them revise all important topics and save their preparation time before the exam. So, you mark in a book while you are reading.

6. Practice in a Sample paper

You collect the past sample paper at the last among ten years and started the practice these questions. You can learn about what types of questions are asked in the exam. First of all, you must practice this sample paper. 

Some question asked  in the exam from past sample questions, you have knowledge about this sample question and took high marks in the exam. Many exam questions are chosen from the past exam question papers. You must practice all past exam questions and study additional in a book or other sources. It obviously helps you make topper in the exam.

 7. Group studies

You have obviously friends in school or college. You choose the same friend who interested in the study. You avoid that friend who doesn’t want to study, they hamper your studies. Group study gives you many benefits like learning about friends, to utilize your boring time, solve the hard question, etc. The group study helps you exchange knowledge and correct your fault. You have taken various benefits from group study. This technique is also followed by topper students.   

8. Plan your exam papers

Many students can’t perform bitterly in the exam. Because they haven’t knowledge about how to to manage time in the exam. They write a long to answer that they know and they can’t give time for all questions. Their answer seems as short a question’s answer is too long and the long question’s answer is too short. It directly affects your marks. 

You practice past sample question at home and find out your error managing time for the exam. Allocation of time properly both short and long question because both are important in view of an exam for good marks.  There are three common mistakes of the student while occurs in the exam;

    Manage time in the exam: Most students aren’t able to manage time about which question takes how much time. You are avoiding this by practicing past sample questions before in the exam.

    Writing Practice: You focus to make better your handwriting to attracting the teacher. Many times the teacher gives low masks in an exam for not understand the answer. If you want to receive good marks in the exam, first of all, you improve your writing skill.
    Revision:  In the exam, you separate some time to revising your answer to correct your faults. A simple mistake can be a reason for passing out your scores. In exam time, you must finish by writing all answer before remission 10 to 15 minutes. This time you correct your fault.
Conclusion: In this article‘Smart Study Tips for Students How to be a Successful student in the exam’,show you about study tips while exam. I will try to give some study-related tips. Many students want to be topper in the exam, they also study all the time but they didn’t get success in the exam by don’t able to give attention in a simple matter. We try to find out the answer about what are the things affect our study.

On the following day, the market is education is high. There is no chance of getting opportunities for those to losses and middle-level students. If you want to get a good job, you must have got the good score in the exam. I hope, you like this study tips to increase your study capacity and get a high score. There is not necessary to follow this same role for your study, you can follow your own roles to getting high score in an exam if you have.
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