... - महानगरपालिका - १ वटा
उपमहानगरपालिका - ३ वटा
नगरपालिका - ७३ वटा
गाउँपालिका - ५९ वटा
जम्मा स्थानीय तह - १३६ वटा

... - तिलक परियार

... - लालबाबु राउत

... - सरोजकुमार यादव

... - सर्लाही

... - पर्सा

... - सप्तरी

... - महोत्तरी

... - जनकपुर, धनुषा

No. Districts Head Quarter Area (km2)
1. Saptari Rajbiraj 1,363
2. Shiraha Siraha 1,188
3. Dhanusha Janakpur 1,180
4. Mahottari Jaleshwar 1,002
5. Sarlahi Malangwa 1,259
6.Rautahat Gaur 1,126
7. Bara Kalaiya 1,190
8. Parsa Birgang 1,353

There are total 01 Metropolitan City, 03 Sub-metropolitan cities, 73 Municipalities and 59 Rural Municipalities in overall State no. 2 of Nepal. Metropolitan city is Birjung and other Sub-metropolitan cities are Janakapur, Kalaiya and Jitapur-Simara in state no. 02 of Nepal.

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