Check out Below Important Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal in Nepali):

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Check out Below Important Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal):

Date  Historical Events of Nepal 
B.S. 2029 Ashad 13 Dividing Nepal into 4 development zones,
B.S. 2029 Ashad 25 Fire broke out at Singha Durbar during Prime Minister Kirti Nidhi Bista,
B.S. 2031 Shri 5 Birendra proposes to declare Nepal a zone of peace,
B.S. 2031 Timurvote scan*dal in Okhaldhunga,
B.S. 2031 Baishakh 01 Declared Nepal to be Free from Wafer,
B.S. 2035 Saun 07 Pushpalal Shrestha passes away
B.S. 2036 Jeshtha 10 King Birendra announces referendum,
B.S. 2037 Baishakh 20 The first referendum in the history of Nepal, about the Panchayat or multi-party democratic system, the Panchayat system got more votes,
B.S. 2037 Ashoj 26 Nepal is divided into 5 development zones,
B.S. 2038 Fire in Ghanta Ghar
B.S. 2039 Saun 06 Former Prime Minister BP Koirala passes away
B.S. 2040 Magh 01 Sindhupalchok-Piskar scan*dal,
B.S. 2041 Magh 17 Nepal Television established,
B.S. 2042 Bhadra 01 Nepal Electricity Authority was established,
B.S. 2046 Falgun 07 to Chaitra 26 A joint movement has been launched to end the Nepali Congress and Bam Morcha Panchayat system.
B.S. 2046 Chaitra 26  Panchayat system under the leadership of Commander Ganesh Man Singh has been restored and democracy is restored.
B.S. 2047 Kartik 23 Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal
B.S. 2047 Paush 22 The CPN-UML party is formed with the integration between CPN-ML and CPN-Maoist,
B.S. 2047 Chaitra 04 Citizens Investment Fund established,
B.S. 2049 Chaitra Founded by Maiti Nepal,
B.S. 2050 Baishakh 10 Successful ascent of Everest for the first time by Pasang Lhamu Sherpa,
B.S. 2050 Jeshtha 03 Madan Bhandari, general secretary of the CPN-UML, and Jeevraj Ashant, chief of the CPN-UML, died in a mysterious jeep accident at Dasdhunga in Chitwan,
B.S. 2052 Falgun 01 The end of the monarchy and the establishment of a republic with the objective of starting the Maoist people's war,
B.S. 2053 Ashoj 04 The Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India is approved by Parliament,
B.S. 2055 Baishakh 13 Former Prime Minister Manmohan Adhikari passes away,
B.S. 2055 Paush 16 Nepal Tourism Board established,
B.S. 2056 Paush 09 Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi abducted and transported to Afghanistan,
B.S. 2057 Jeshth 13 National human rights is established,
B.S. 2057 Saun 02 Haliya practice in Nepal abolished,
B.S. 2058 Jeshth 19 The family of Birendra is destroyed by the mur*der of the palace,
B.S. 2058 Kartik 08 Armed Police Force established,
B.S. 2058 Mangsir 11 Emergencies declared in Nepal,
B.S. 2059 Ashad 10 Gorkhapatra launches colorful publication,
B.S. 2060 Bhadau 15 There are mur*dered 12 Nepalese people in Iraq,
B.S. 2060 Ashoj 09 Madhav Prasad Ghimire's title of national poet,
B.S. 2061 Baishakh 01 Nepal Telecommunication Company established,
B.S. 2061 Jetha 22 Everest Bank launches first ATM service in Nepal,

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