... - सन् १९५८ जनवरी १

... - सन् १९५७ मा Inner Six राष्ट्रहरुको निर्णयबाट

... - बेल्जियमको बसेल्समा

... - European Economic Community
(पछी सन् १९९० को दशकमा - European Community बनाइएको)

... - सन् १९९४ जनवरी १

... - २८ (बेलायत सहित)

... - आर्थिक तथा सामाजिक विकास

... - बेल्जियम, फ्रान्स, इटाली, लक्जम्वर्ग, नेदरल्यान्ड, जर्मनी

... - क्रोएसिया (सन् २०१३)

... - ७ ओटा

European Union Related Online GK Quiz Practice Part - 1 : These Online quiz game series are specially making for those people who are searching online quiz questions practice set. GK questions are creating many sectors like History of Nepal and the whole world, Geography of Nepal and the entire world, Politics, Rules, Prizes, Games, old and new Current Affairs, etc. But we are focused on this part only European Union Related, because, you can get entire online GK practice in European Union related topic such as establishment of European Union, about brief information of Members, Rules, Upcoming Submit, Secretariat, Head Office, Main Motto, etc  . Categories of topics are the main features of these GK Quiz series. We are also including here important questions asked in the previous PSC Exam from the European Union. These GK quiz questions are useful for those candidates who are preparing Nepal Police's Exam, Nepal Army's Exam, various government institutes exam, Kharidar, Nayab Subba and Officer level government job exam in Nepal. 

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