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Daily Nepali GK and Current Affairs of Nepal Update Part 5  Daily Nepali GK Update is a series of updating General Knowledge asked related in the Public Service Commission of Nepal Exam on a Daily basis. There are included various sector General Knowledge Questions and Answers like History of Nepal, History of World, Geography of Nepal and World, Politics, Rules, Culture, Prizes, Famous Personality, Upcoming event and Games, new and old Current Affairs, etc. We are including here important questions asked in the previous PSC Exam of Nepal. These Daily Nepali GK Updating series questions are very useful for those candidates who are preparing Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Various Government Institute and Corporation, Kharidar, Nayab Subba and Officer level government job exam in Nepal and also important for School and College Level Quiz.

Read Below Daily Nepali GK Update  Part - 5:

1. Who is the highest mountain climber?
- Kamrita Sherpa (24 times)

2. Which mountain is known as the White Mountain?
- Dhaulagiri

3. Which animal has three hearts and blue blood?
- Octopus

4. Where is the Leather Protection Area in Nepal ?
- Kapilavastu

5. When did the Nirmala Pant mass*acre take place in Kanchanpur?
- B.S. 2075 Saun 10

6. Which is Nepal's first WiFi Free District?
- Myagdi

7. In which cast is the Putpute dance prevalent?
- Gurung

9. When was the National Sports Council established?
- B.S.  2017 Mansir 20

10. Who is the designer of Narayan Hitti Durbar?
- B. Forn

11. Which is the only Terai district not covered by the Mahendra highway?
- Parsa

12. Which is the largest man-made lake in Nepal?
- Indrasarovar (Makwanpur)

13. In which district is Nand Bhauju lake?
- Chitwan

14. Which is the famous district for textile in Dhaka?
- Palpa

15. Which year of Nepal was celebrated as a tourist year?
- B.S. 2073

16. Which are the SAARC Summits in Nepal so far?
- Third, eleventh and eighteen

17. Which is the largest employer of employment in the world?
- Indian Railways

18. Which is the nearest airport from Kathmandu?
- Tribhuvan International Airport

19. Which is the first film retaining on Internet in Nepal?
- Badal Pari

20. Which is the most famous district for coffee farming?

- Gulmi

Hope you my Dear Friends, this Daily Online Nepali GK and Current Affairs of Nepal Update Part - 5 is help you a little to the enhancing your current level of General Knowledge or Recap your study. We are regularly updating or trying to give the best and help to add some value thought these online Nepali GK update series, please stay tuned for getting an update and enhancing your level of knowledge. 

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