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Daily Nepali GK Update Part 4  Daily Nepali GK Update is a series of updating General Knowledge asked related in the Public Service Commission of Nepal Exam on a Daily basis. There are included various sector General Knowledge Questions and Answers like History of Nepal, History of World, Geography of Nepal and World, Politics, Rules, Culture, Prizes, Famous Personality, Upcoming event and Games, new and old Current Affairs, etc. We are including here important questions asked in the previous PSC Exam of Nepal. These Daily Nepali GK Updating series questions are very useful for those candidates who are preparing Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Various Government Institute and Corporation, Kharidar, Nayab Subba and Officer level government job exam in Nepal and also important for School and College Level Quiz.

Read Below Daily Nepali GK Update Part - 4:

1. What is a non-snake country?
- Iceland

2. Which country is the most computerized in the world?
- America

3. Who is the king who died in the plague epidemic?
- Bhaskar Mall

4. Which is the smallest satellite?
- Leeda

5. What is the depth of the Mariana Trench?
- 11,776 m

7. What is the test used to diagnose typhoid?
- Weedle test

8. Who is the inventor of the telephone?
- Alexander Graham Bell

7. Who is the inventor of television?
- J. L. Weird

8. Who is the Originator of the Sun-Centered Principle?
- Nicholas Copernicus

9. Who was the inventor of the telescope?
- Galileo Galilee

10. Who was the inventor of penicillin?
- Alexander Fleming

11. How many years was Jung Bahadur Rana prime minister?
- 29 years

12. How many countries have so far provided negative voting rights to their voters?
- 15 (including Nepal)

13. Which is the first book published for the purpose of teaching Nepali language?
- Alphanumeric education

14. When was Durbar High School established?
- B.S. 1910 Ashoj 27

15. What is a loan made by a Kamaiya to a mortgagee?
- Sookie

16. Which district of Nepal is known by the nickname of Medical City?
- Chitwan

17. Which Rana Prime Minister initiated the use of 'Khadka Nishana Chhap'?
- Bir Shamsher

18. How many times has the UN Charter been amended so far?
- 5 times

19. Who is the first Everest mountaineer to not have both hands?
- Sudarshan Gautam

20. When is the darkest day in the history of sports in Nepal?

- B.S. 2044 Falgun 29

Hope you my Dear Friends, this Daily Online Nepali GK and Current Affairs of Nepal Update Part - 4 is help you a little to the enhancing your current level of General Knowledge or Recap your study. We are regularly updating or trying to give the best and help to add some value thought these online Nepali GK update series, please stay tuned for getting an update and enhancing your level of knowledge. 

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