... C. अष्ट्रेलिया, ४० औ (वि.सं. २०७६ असोज १४)

... A. वि.सं. २०७६ बैसाख २८

... B. कामिरिती शेर्पा

... C. सन् २०१९ मे ५

... A. वि.सं. २०७६ बैशाख ५


Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 Online Practice Quiz Series – These Online Current Affairs of Nepal quiz game series are specially making for those people who are searching online Current Affairs quiz questions practice set. We are focused on this Quiz Series only Important Current Affairs 2076, because, you can get entire online Quiz practice series in a Current Affairs related topic. These quiz questions are useful for those candidates who are preparing Nepal Police's Exam, Nepal Army's Exam, various government institutes exam, Kharidar, Nayab Subba and Officer level government job exam in Nepal. 

Practice Below Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 Online Practice Quiz set –15;

71. Which is the last countriy to have a bilateral airline agreement with Nepal?

A. New Zealand
B. Vietnam
C. Australia
D. Cambodia

Answer - Australia, 40th (B.S. 2076 Ashoj 14)

72. Where did the robots launch the program for the first time in Nepal?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 28 
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 30
C. B.S. 2076 Jetha 30
D. B.S. 2076 Ashar 28

Answer - B.S. 2076 Baishakh 28 

73. Who is the highest Mount Everest climber to climb the record?

A. Babuchhiri Sherpa
B. Kamiriti Sherpa
C. Nirmal Purja
D. Aanrita Sherpa

Answer - Kamiriti Sherpa

74. When has Nepal and Oman agreed to move workers to zero cost?

A. February 05, 2019
B. March 05, 2019
C. May 05, 2019
D. November 05, 2019

Answer - May 05, 2019

75. When was the first flagship satellite of Nepal launched into space?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 05
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 15
C. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 20
D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 25

Answer - B.S. 2076 Baishakh 05

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