... B. वि.सं. २०७६ साउन २८

... A. वि.सं. २०७६ असार १२

... C. वि.सं. २०७६ भदौ २३

... B. वि.सं. २०७६ साउन २

... D. वि.सं. २०७६ असोज २९

Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 Online Practice Quiz Series These Online Current Affairs of Nepal quiz game series are specially making for those people who are searching online Current Affairs quiz questions practice set. We are focused on this Quiz Series only Important Current Affairs 2076, because, you can get entire online Quiz practice series in a Current Affairs related topic. These quiz questions are useful for those candidates who are preparing Nepal Police's Exam, Nepal Army's Exam, various government institutes exam, Kharidar, Nayab Subba and Officer level government job exam in Nepal. 

Practice Below Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 Online Practice Quiz set –24;

116. When was the Nepal Food Corporation transformed into a food and trade company?

A. B.S 2076 Saun 18
B. B.S 2076 Saun 28
C. B.S 2076 Bhadau 18
D. B.S 2076 Bhadau 28

Answer - B) B.S 2076 Saun 28

117. When was Rajan Pokharel appointed as Director General of Nepal Aviation Authority?

A. B.S 2076 Ashar 12
B. B.S 2076 Saun 12
C. B.S 2076 Bhadau 12
D. B.S 2076 Ashoj 12

Answer - A) B.S 2076 Ashar 12

118. When did the electricity bus service begin in Kathmandu Valley?

A. B.S 2076 Bhadau 23
B. B.S 2076 Bhaishakh 06
C. B.S 2076 Saun 22
D. B.S 2076 Ashoj 15 

Answer - A) B.S 2076 Bhadau 23

19. When did the Civil Bank obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate?

A. B.S 2076 Ashar 12
B. B.S 2076 Saun 02
C. B.S 2076 Saun 12
D. B.S 2076 Bhadau 02

Answer - B) B.S 2076 Saun 02

120. When did President Bhandari visit Myanmar?

A. B.S 2076 Ashoj 09
B. B.S 2076 Ashoj 16
C. B.S 2076 Ashoj 26
D. B.S 2076 Ashoj 29

Answer - D) B.S 2076 Ashoj 29

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