Nepali GK Question and Answer about First Time in Nepal

Nepali GK Question and Answer about First Time in Nepal – We are separating First Time in Nepal for Nepali GK 2076 Question and Answer from whole nepali gk. We are including here latest and important Nepali Samanya Gyan Question Answer for only from First Time held in Nepalto various things like rules, innovation, King, war, establishment, etc. topics. This Loksewa materials is very important for Kharidar, Nasu, Adhikrit, Banking exam, Nepal army, Nepal police and other competitive exam. 

Public Service Commission Nepal asked Nepali GK Question and Answer for almost all level. So, this First time in Nepal related Nepali GK is very important for those people who are preparing the Loksewa exam. We are making separate Loksewa Gk post for easy access for all of you. Now, today we are providing you important Nepali GK Question and Answer related first time in Nepal in below section:

Nepali GK Question and Answer about First Time in Nepal 

First Time in Nepal

1. Chairman of Public Service Commission – Anirundra Prasad Singh
2. Bank – Nepal Bank Limited
3. Rana Prime Minister – Jung Bahadur Rana
4. Magazine – Sudha Sagar
5. Daily Magazine – Voice or Aawaj
6. Army Chief – Kalu Pandey
7. Martyr – Lakhan Thapa
8. King – Bhuktaman 
9. Elected Prime Minister – B.P. Koirala
10. King visit Europe – Shri 5 Tribhuvan
11. Scientist – Gehendra Shamser
12. Everest Climbing – Tenzing Norgay Sherpa
13. Maharajadhiraj to receive the title – Anshuvarma
14. Victoria Cross Receives – Kulvir Thapa
15. Traveling the World – Keshav Shamser
16. Keeping the Radio at Home – Judda Shamsher
17. Nepali Movies – Satya Harishchandra
18. The king who founded the rock – Mandev
19. TU Vice Chancellor – Kanti RajyaLakshmi
20. Auditor General – Chandra Bahadur Thapa

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