Nepal Re-Insurance Company Limited Job Advertisement

Nepal Re-Insurance Company Limited Job offers job vacancies for various positions on 2076/11/30. Eligible Nepalese candidate can be apply for this Job Advertisement. Candidates with selected through open competition and inclusive reservation.

Deadline of Vacancy :

Single fee – Up to 2076/12/20 
Double fee – from last of single fee to 2076/12/27

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View Full Job Advertisement in Below of Nepal Re-Insurance Company Limited  : 

Special Directives for Applicants for Inclusion in Advertising of Inclusive Groups: 

Candidates who wish to apply for the posts of inclusive groups should prepare and submit the following documents at the time of application. The result of the written examination should be accompanied by a copy of the self-attested copy of the document, along with a copy of the self-attested copy when the interviewer is selected. 

(A) On the basis of the same list in respect of the caste as listed in the National Establishment Act, Nepal, in the case of tribal / tribal,
Provided that if there is more than one name within the caste as listed in the Nepal Establishment / Tribal Upliftment National Establishment Act, the concerned local. Documents certifying the name of the caste within the caste listed on the recommendation of the level / body chief. 

(B) In the case of Madhesi, the Government of Nepal has published the information in the Nepal Gazette, documenting that Madhesi has been certified by the institution as specified, but Madhesi from the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level body by publishing information in Nepal Gazette as Documents certified. 

(C) on the basis of the same list in respect of the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission in favor of Dalits, but listed by the National Dalit Commission.
Documents certifying that there is more than one layer within the caste, which is listed within the caste as listed by the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the concerned local level body.

1. The Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited shall not be disqualified as per Employee Terms of Service, Regulations, 2076. 

2. Under each service, the tests to be conducted on an open, inclusive and internal basis will be jointly taken at one sitting. 

3. Candidates who fill in the form within the inclusion group will have to fill in the first page of the application form separately for each ad group. In addition, the candidate will have to disclose details of the types / groups of candidates in the admission form in the prescribed format but roll number. And only one admission will be provided. Candidates not clear the required details will not be included in the exam. 

4. Candidates who fill the form in more than one group will be required to submit only 1/1 copy of each proof they need to submit. 

5. On the recommendation of an approved physician in favor of a candidate with disability, the Social Welfare Council certified disability from the local level.
The ID must be submitted. 

6. In the case of candidates requiring experience period, the minimum date for the respective posts is to be given by the deadline to apply. Must have expired service period. 

7. Double accreditation period will not be counted for age, educational qualification, experience period and other qualification purposes. 

8. Application if there is no admission within the stipulated time frame or if there is no minimum qualification, no other details have been opened or if the prescribed schedule is not cleared. Will not be approved. 

9. Must have achieved the prescribed academic qualification by the deadline to apply. Candidates who have studied in a foreign institution. The equivalent of the qualification you have received from the concerned body should be determined. 

10. In the exam, the examiner must use only black ink. Otherwise the answer book will be canceled. 

11. The course can be found on the company’s website at
Information regarding promotion from the performance evaluation of the posts of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Manager, Deputy Manager and Assistant Manager is placed on the Company’s information board and website
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