Name Lists of Promotion given by the Honorable President on Constitution Day

Name Lists of Promotion given by the Honorable President on the occasion of Constitution Day – The Honorable President has given promotion for various title on the occasion of constitution day on Ashad 03, 2076. It is encouragement for government employees and others to do best for own field. It was given to those in the area who have done some special work more than others.

In Nepal, the government employees and other public who perform well every year are given various distinctions like social sector, development sector, etc.. This year also a large number of government employees and public get rewards and promotion by president of Nepal. This honor was conferred on Constitution Day this year. Some of the title are limited to one government sector like Nepali Police, Nepalese Army, etc. 

Types of Award


1. The Greatest Nation (First Class)

2. Excellent, Strong Public Service Shri  (First Class)

3. Bright Record Nation Deep (Second Class)

4. Good nation Deep 3rd (Third Class)

5. Strong public service Shri (Third Class)

6. The Glowing Nation Deep (4th Class)

7. Praval Public Service Shri (4th Class)

8. Public Service Shri (5th Class)


1. Nepal Service Proficient (Received by Nepalese Citizens and Other Nationals)

2. Param Purakh Bhaskar (Acquired only by the Nepal Army)

3. Nepal Pratap Subhashun (Received only by Nepal Police and Armed Police)

4. Extremely costly Bhaskar (received by the Nepal Army only)

5. Nepal Pratap Aabhushan (Received only by Nepal Police and Armed Police)

6. Social service gems

7. Maha Paurakh Bhaskar (Acquired only by the Nepal Army)

8. Nepal Pratap Bhushan (Received only by Nepal Police and Armed Police Force)


1. People Shri Medal

2. National Service Medal

3. Medal of Honor

4. The Medal of Education Deep

5. Everest Medal

6. Leader Medal

7. Medal of Valor

The entire name is given from below pdf file. Please, check out in below: 

Check Out Name Lists

Download PDF

These name lists are published on Gorkhpatra on 2076/06/03.

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