Most Important Loksewa GK – 2019 [ Including Old Question and Answer ]

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Loksewa GK

In this, the different levels of Public Service Commission, comprising of questions and answer, can also be included in the old examination questions. There is a lot of general knowledge related to all the preparations for various levels of Public Service Commission. This general knowledge has been designed specifically for the general knowledge of Loksewa GK 2019 who prepare the Loksewa exam. It is included within 50 most important loksewa GKs. Which is prepared in the following manner :

1. Which is the first nation to make a labor agreement with Nepal?
– Qatar

2. What was the name of Ganeshman Singh’s childhood?
 – Hirakaji

3. How many words and how many letters are there in national anthem?
– 46 words and 128 characters

4. Who is the first to get international medals to Nepal?
– Jit Bahadur KC

5. Where does the Gangasagar Lake be?
– Janakpurdham (in DhanuSha district)

6. Which ethnic dance is a Chandi dance?
– Rai

7. What is the rank of Nepal’s getting membership of the World Trade Organization?
– 147th

8. Which is the first country to use in the United Nations VITO ?
– UK

9. Which is the District Headquarters of the highest level in Nepal?
– Simikot

10. How much is the area of ​​the Kathmandu valley?
– 642 sq km

11. Which district is located Helambu ?
– Sindhupalchok

12. Which is a famous district for germ?
– Salyan

13. What is known as ‘Water Lu’ in Nepal?
– Aulo festival 

14. Where is Gosikund located in the district ?
– Rasuwa

15. Which of the authentic times of Nepal has been defined as baseline?
– Gaurishankar Himal

16. What is the Municipality made by merge two local municipal across Mahakali ?
– Chadani-Dodhara Municipality

17. Which is a more local level of district?
– Sarlahi (11 municipalities, 9 lower level municipalities)

18. Miss Tourism – 2017?
– Pokhara’s Arati Thapa

19. What is the name of the first authorised robort of the world?
– Rovokap (appointed to Dubai)

20. When did the Nepal oldest party Nepal Praja Parishad and the UML party have been integration ?
– B.S.  2074 Kartik 23

21. In what language did God Gautam Buddha teach?
– In poly

22. According to local rule, 2074, how many local level are there in Nepal?
– 753

23. Which district is located in Jatapokhari lake ?
– Sindhupalchok

24. Who is the mobile phone inventor?
– Martin Cooper

25. Who is known to be the father of history?
– Herodatas 

26. Who was awarded the Madan Award for the year 2073?
– Dhanshyam Condel to Dhritarashtra

27. Where is the breeding center of Crocodile established in Nepal ?
– At Chitwan and Bardiya National Park

28. Who is the United Nations General Secretary ?
– Antonio Guterres

 29. Who is the first women plane pilot to Nepal ?
– Defense Rana

30. Who is known as the father of the electricity ?
– Michael Faraday

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31. What is the meaning of white gold?
– Cotton

32. What is considered to be the first  disease of the world?
– Leprosy

33. From which country is the tradition of a lottery ?
– Italy

34. Which country is the first female president of the world?
– Argentina

35. In which country is the oldest idol in the world?
– France

36. Which account does not get interest when collecting money?
– Current Account

37. Which is the country to leave Saturday like Nepal?
– Israel

38. What is the oldest Vedas ?
– Riga Veda

39. What is known to the priesthood priest?
– Diusi

40. Which is the highest tiger having National Park in Nepal ?
– Chitwan National Park

41. Who was the Prime Minister of Nepal while Kotparwa?
– Fattezang Shah

42. How many members are there in the United Nations Security Council?
– 15

43. Who established Lalitpur?
– Bardev

44. Where is Chchho-Rolpa Lake District?
– Dolakha

45. How many languages ​​are published in the Old Gorkhapatra of Older Daily Magazines Nepal?
– In 37 languages

46. ​​Who is known as a living martyr ?
– Tank Prasad Acharya

47. Who is the first King of Nepal to visit Europe?
– King Tribhuvan

48. Which is the long-term Jatra in Nepal?
– Rato Machchindra Nath Jatra 

49. Who was the first editor of ‘The Rising Nepal’?
– Varun Shamsher

50. What tribe do the Gaura festivals celebrate?
– Tharu

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