Job Vacancy or Career Opportunity on Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited

Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited offers career opportunity in many posts. Nepalese citizen and eligible candidates can applied for this job vacancy.  This Job is suitable for those candidates who want to Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Institute as a career or others. This Job vacancy is Published in Gorkhapatra on 2076 Magh 17. Written exam will taken by Loksewa Aayog Nepal and selection process is open competition and inclusive reservation.  

Deadline of Job Vacancy

Single Fee – Up to 21 days from First Advertisement 
Double Fee – From end of single fee up to next 7 days

Application Form 

Download from  Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited’s official Website :

View Below Full Advisement for this Job vacancy 

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Read Important Note for This Job Vacancy 
1. In case of age level, for the 5th, 8th and 8th level of the official level, the age of 21 years does not exceed 40 years, the sixth level league does not exceed the age of 35 years,For the assistance level, 18 year should be no more than 65 years full. Candidates can be up to 40 years of age for women and persons with disabilities.

2. The test period shall be as per the provisions of the Employee Administration Regulations, 2064 (including amendments) of this Company. 

3. The pay scale and other facilities will be as per the rules of this company. 

4. Under each service, examinations based on open and inclusive competition will be conducted jointly at the same meeting.

5. Candidates who fill in the form within the inclusion group will have to fill in the first page of the application form separately, as per the advertisement, but the roll number and admit card are the same.Will only be provided. 

6. Candidates must compulsorily disclose the details of the groups they will nominate in the prescribed format in the prescribed format. Otherwise the exam will not be included. 

7. Candidates who fill the form in more than one group will be required to submit only one / one copy of each of the required proofs.

8. Candidates submitting the application will not reimburse the exam reimbursement amount within the stipulated time frame and within 7 days of the expiry as per the notification. The application fee will pay in Nabil Bank account current account no. 0201017501616. The original voucher collected and will have to be submitted along with two copies. 

9. The program related to the exam will be published in Gorkhapatra later. 

10. Areas to work in: Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited Head Office and Branch Offices. 

11. Additional documents submitted by candidates for inclusion:

A. In favor of indigenous people / tribes, the application shall be approved on the basis of the list of castes listed in the Nepal Indigenous / Tribal upliftment National Establishment Act. Provided that if there are more than one name within the caste as listed in the National Establishment Act, the Tribal / Tribal upliftment of Nepal, the main district on the recommendation of the concerned local body.The application must be submitted with certiorari, certifying that it is the caste listed within the official.

B. In the case of Dalits, the application shall be approved on the basis of the list of castes listed by the Nepal Dalit Commission. If there are more than one such number within the caste listed by the National Dalit Commission, it is compulsory to certify that the local district official is listed as a caste within the caste.Will have to be submitted as.

C. In the case of Madheshi, the application will be accepted on the basis of the evidence that the Government of Nepal has published information in the Gazette, and that it has been certified as Madhesi by the institution as per the order. But Until the publication of the information in the Nepal Gazette, the concerned local body will have to submit the application by certifying Madhesi as the chief district officer.

12. Additional information may be placed at the human resources development branch of the company’s main office if needed.

13. The Company reserves the right to approve the application or not.

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