Important Note About Madan Award (Madan Purashkar) in Nepal

Important Note About Madan Award (Madan Purashkar) in Nepal – Madan Award was estabished on B.S. 2012 Ashoj 10. It  award was started to given from B.S. 2013. Three person were  received Madan Award at first time on B.S. 2013. The first time Madan Award received name are Satya Mohan Joshi, Chittararanjan Nepali and Balram Joshi respectively. The Madan Award has given every year for excellence contributaion of Literature, Science, Sociology, etc sector  from the year B.S. 2013. 

Name of Some latest Madan Prize awarded Persons

B.S. 2070 – Radha Poudel (Attack on Khalanga: Diary of a Nurse)

B.S. 2071 –  Vijay Kumar (Khushi)

B.S. 2072 – Ramlal Joshi (Anna Story Collection)

B.S. 2073 –  Dhanshyam Kandel (Dhritarashtra)

B.S. 2074 – Neelam Karki ‘Neharika’ (Yogmaya)

B.S. 2075 – Yogesh Raj (Ranhar)

Some Important Notes –

– The first novel to receive the Madan Award is ‘Mana’ (Liladhwaj Thapa)

– The first story collection to receive the Madan Award is a ‘New street song’ (Ramesh Vikal)

– The first essay to receive the Madan Award is the collection Abstract Thinking: Onion (Shankar Lamichhane).

– First Epic ‘Mabab’ to Receive Madan Award (Modanath Prasar)

– The first woman to receive the Madan Awarded name is Parijat (flower of the head).

– Modnath Prashrit(Manab or Huwan) at the age of 24 years to receive Madan Award.

– The first foreigner to receive the Madan Prize is Father  William Burke Helingayax.

– The prize money has been raised four lakh rupees from Year 2075.(Source – Wikipedia)

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