How to write an answer in the exam for theory subject? Long Question Answer Technique (Unique My Self Technique)

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Hello everyone, today, I am going to share with you some study-related tips about unique answer writing technique in the exam for theory subject. 
All students are wanted to get high marks in the exam. But they can’t achieve this goal. Because of the theory subject makes hurdle in their total average marks. Almost all students take an excellent number in the numerical subject but can’t do this same in theory subject. I will try to give you some tips and tricks that are really followed my study time. These tricks are amazing and really worked. This article shows ‘How to write an answer in the exam for theory subject? Long Question Answer Technique (Unique My Self Technique)’.
Actually, the number doesn’t matter. The important point how much understands you in this concept. But if you take low marks in an exam, you can’t study your chosen field and can’t join in top colleges. This is the reason for getting high marks in the exam. And another, our society gives the respect of the holder of a high mark. But don’t worry; I am here to share my theory subject exam presentation technique.
The teacher is checking the entire participant answer sheet in the exam. All the students follow the same technique to write the answer and all the answer seems to be like same. Sir gives average marks for all students. But some students take good marks than others. The main reason is a unique writing style. Yes, my dear friend, they follow different techniques to present in the exam.
Our mind is given attention to different things. You notice one thing when we visit an unknown place but some things are capture by our minds because it seems different from others. My friends, you follow this to take over good marks in theory subject.
You notice that one thing before writing the answer in the exam that is how to present different or unique way in the exam. Follow by this technique every single student takes good marks in the exam from theory subjects.
One of my favorite styles is explaining below:-
Example – What is the partnership business? Explain the features of a partnership business? ( 10 )
– Basically, there are three parts of the answer to any theory question. These are mentioned in the following order.

Point no.1 – Introduction

theory subject exam tips
In this part, try to be a unique introduction to your topics. You can use your own language but your words like to tough the paper checker heart. You always remembered the point ‘first impression is the last impression’. So, focus your unique introduction. It is written almost 6/7 line.
Write the minimum 2 definitions related to topics given by professional people. For definition, separate 1 to 2 numbers. So, you imagine the definition is how much power for your answer. All students aren’t written the definition, so it creates the value of checkers minds as a good student. 

Point no.2 – Body

It is also the main part of your content. Here I also show your creativity to the paper checker. You present your body part of the answer is unique as following the example. You can use various ways to present your answer. For example:-
 theory subject exam tips
1.    List out the main point
2.    Brief explain of every point
3.    Show the point in the diagram or another way
4.    Use your own creativity 
Explain all points in 3/4 unique line with your words. You can add a diagram in your answer it makes you unique and different from others. 

Point no.3 – Conclusion

At last, write a conclusion using your opinion and solution to a problem. It is the other important way of impressing the copy checker. Don’t use the conflict opinion that cans hart. So, use normal words to conclude your answer. 
We write the answer point of view for the checker. How much you have the knowledge it’s don’t matters but it has matters how you can able present your knowledge. A normal student can take high marks using this technique. Maybe we don’t believe that I scored high than all the students in my college. It is may help you ‘How to write an answer in the exam for theory subject? Long Question Answer Technique (Unique My Self Technique)’ gets high marks in theory subject.
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