How to presentation in class without fear ( My first-time presentation experience )

class presentation
Class Presentation

Almost all people have a fear of public speaking or stage presentation. It is a common problem for students. Sometimes, students, most have to give a presentation in class. By this cause they faced may trouble. Today I am going to share with you my personal experience with the presentation of the classroom.
Presentation of the classroom is the best option for the build of your confidence and stage presentation skills. When you get the opportunities to perform in the classroom it doesn’t miss. Small steps can be developing your perfect skills in the near future.
Sometimes, we didn’t want to perform in the classroom but it is necessary to perform. It is difficult to perform. Your legs are to tremble and the heart’s beat increased.  But don’t worry my dear friends, I want, you never face any problem that faces mine. So, I will suggest some personal experience below.
One day, my teacher said us to perform in class about your future business plan. Almost all the students don’t agree with sir’s decision. But I and some of my friends agreed with sir to perform. There are a 4/5 days time interval to perform my roles. 
At that time, I felt unconfident and fear of stage. But I am able to win fear by my will power. I really wanted to perform in the classroom. I give full focus on my presentation at the remaining time. Finally, I got it, I won the stage and all my friends and teacher are appreciating my performance. My friends haven’t believed me about it’s my first experience. Because I don’t ask my teacher any question and all the students seem me as a nice guy. But behind this performance hide my practice at my home. 
There some tips I really followed my first classroom performance. It is amazing – 

Before the presentation, I am practice in my home by following this technique

1.    Practice in Mirror 

It is an amazing trick, practice in a mirror for some days. It helps to improve your body language and can easily improve your mistake. Many trainers are recommended to follow this technique. I heard about it from YouTube and apply in my practice time. 

2.    Content practice 

Content is important for your presentation. First of all, you collect your presentation content from different sources and make a short note. Practice it like read in the time of the exam. You practice to must remember it mentioned in a note. But don’t copy the same as your note; try to present your own language. It helps to enhance your impression. In a day, you practice it 3/4 times almost including all content. When you forget and mistake of presentation content, you must correct it and practice again.  

3.    Imagine your presentation 

It is another important point for your unique presentation. Imagine yourself as present in class, sir and friends have listened to you very carefully.  This rule applies when you start to practice in the home. Many times practice using this technique, you are able to overcome your fear. Your mind is thought you are a good presenter when you sending messages recurring in your brain.

4.    Present with your friends

Before present, you show your trail presentation some of your best friends. They point out your mistakes and easily can improve it. You know, it really builds your self-confidence.  

At the time of presentation in class

1.    Try to go stage without fear

Try to overcome your fear while going to the stage. Take a long breath before starting the presentation. Look at every part of the class and give just a smile. No hurry to start your presentation wait some time and try to make fearless.  

2.    Ask some question

It helps you overcome your fear. Ask a random question that gives you some time for relaxing. Other people try to give an answer and didn’t know about your fear.
I also use this trick while my first presentation time.  My question was what the business plan is today I am going to present with you, anybody can guess?  You know, my friends and teacher give me a very funny answer. After that, I forget I am staying on stage for the presentation. My presentation is going to very excellent so I am pride myself. 

3.    Include some related jokes 

A joke helps to attention your friends to listen to your presentation and it’s also making an impressive presentation. You include some jokes in your presentation when you fell the audience isn’t giving you the attention that time say and recapture your presentation with friends or audience mind.

4.    Focus your content

You never go out of your limit of content and never say if you aren’t guaranteed it real fact. If you do this your audience can catch your mistake and your presentation and labors are going to worthless. 
At last, today I shared with you some personal tips about ‘How to presentation in class without fear’. You must follow these simple tips if you really like this. It is amazing and really works because I try it and prove it. Good luck with your presentation in class. Thank you. 
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