How to Make a Best Study Timetable/Schedule for Students – Study Tips

“How to Make a Best Study Timetable/Schedule for Students – Study Tips” – It is said that managing time correctly can get success in life. Best Study Timetable is also applicable to our studies. So, if we want to bring a good number, it is important to give us all the time for a effective study. We can not give the same time the all subject. The study timetable that you have prepared for this is required. Preparing Schedule for Students is also a less time consuming subject to huge time taking subject. 
Schedule for Students, STUDY TIMETABLE
Schedule for Students

Many students want to make a timetable and follow it. But they did not apply their daily routine. This is the main reason your priority. The timetable which helps you in your life in prefect. Students are their table related to other. Some of the days they follow this timetable perfectly. But slowly they forget / avoid time table. Because of you follows the timetable for this person where you copy your timetable. All people are timetable not the same. People can make timetable of study to conduct them. There is a chance to chance students follow their timetable. These people can get success in life that follow perfectly time table. We are also included success person if we follow timetable properly. It is a most needed requirement of study. We make our brain for positive thought. We’re saying, ‘I can to it’. I have the ability to succeed in life. You can imagine your bright future, people are respecting you, and people are your choice following. It can lead you to achieve your goal.

Why Study Timetable or Schedule Important for Student

Timetable is a road map of study. All students should be followed in their study time. It helps the schedule their study time they have. The following show us Why Study Timetable or Schedule Important for Student.

# Time to split equally – It helps to allocate your time equally for your total subject. You can also give the time your weak subject.

# To bring high marks – You can get good marks when all the time is given your study. You can also get good marks of subjects that are weak.

# Time to use correctly – We have plenty of time but are not able to use it properly. It teaches to use the right time to avoid any work.

# Help to show the quality to be in a student – It helps to show the quality of being a true student

Time table is also known as a plan. When do you want to achieve your goals? In case of students, you want to pass your exam or you want to make a topper or you want to make a bright future. What your goal first identify it. If there is no destination, this is no important to ask people road. What your destination, find out and started you’re walking. The goal help achieve your perfect time table. If you want to make topper in exam, first you imagine the moment all student and teacher are clapping when you get prize and second make time table today or suddenly and follow it your daily routine.

We all are regret when there is demand our qualification. Our elder brother and sister tell us study is great.  We are trying to make yourself honor for hear this things. But some time after, we forget everything and enjoying other to spend our time. Teacher said to us study for receive bright future. You are killing self our future success. I suggest you, you make timetable today and applied today. There will come that time you haven’t way to regret your mistake and you don’t recover it. You make timetable and start your long study journey. Before making the schedule, following things may be consider as a students for your effective study. 

1. Set your goal

First of you find out what your goal you want to achieve in life. For example; you want to top in class. It is your goal. There is clear what is your goal and you can make timetable regarding which time you prefer better. Why we don’t want to study because there is no clear vision. What do you want to get you find first.

2.Make a plan

It is another important point. Without a plan we don’t reached our destination. You make a plan when your goal can achieve for e.g. one year, five years, ten years etc. you make the dateline your plan expire. You can plan; Any how you achieve your goal. For this you can work etc work. All successful people follow this point and achieved goal.

3. Known yourself

You can absorb your habits. When do you feel fresh, find that time first making the timetable?   For ex; many teachers and students are studying in the morning but I study late at night and sleep in the morning. This means different from study time their nature. Find out this time when you want to study and applied in timetable. The most important remember point is you don’t follow other time table but you can see other timetable and manage yours.

4. Cover all subjects

All subjects are important for making you topper. Many students give the priority of numerical subjects. You don’t mistake to make in your study plan. You allocate the time volume of subject or you can give more time hard subject and give minimum time other subject.

5.Manage time

All days you don’t able to applied timetable like your friend’s birthday, marriage functions etc. But don’t worry you can cover next days like study more than time table.

6.Make suitable timetable


What should be timetable made to pay attention 

The timetable needs to be addressed to increase the effectiveness of the following.

1. Available time 

First fix how much time you want to give your study to be. On the basis of available time, all subjects can be timed schedule out.

2. Discard the difficult and easy subject 

Thus, separating the subject can be found to know which easy and difficult subject, and can be used to manage the time accordingly.

3. Allocate time according to the subject

It’s the last step to make timetable or schedule. We have also been aware of the available time and easy hard subject. When we make timetable, we should give more time to the difficult subject. At the moment you start reading, keep the theory subject in a started time. It also helps you productive.

Make timetable accordingly to your free time. In the meantime, in the morning and afternoon. It does not affect your studies just because you want to read.

Make a time table which is appropriate for you. You can research your time for better study. Which the time you feel freshness, find out?

For example:

I am a student like my time table shown as below:

Wake off 5:00 A.M
Collage time: 6:00 – 10:00 A.M
Meal time: 10:00 – 11:00 A.M
Study time: 11:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M
Sleep and lunch time: 1:00 – 3:00 P.M
Active in social media: 3:00 – 4:00 P.M
Next study time: 4:00 – 6:00 P.M
Visiting and dinner time: 6:00 – 9:00 P.M
Next study time: 9:00 P.M – 1:00 A.M
Sleep time: 1:00 – 5:00 A.M

And next day’s repeat the daily work regarding timetable. I will change timetable vacation time because I am sleep 6/7 hours, collage is holidays. You can apply timetable, your regarding as you wish.


It is a help to identify different between timetable study and previous non- timetable study which return is effective. And the time is you allocate subject enough or not. You can exchange the subject of time for get more productivity. You also check the effective of your study schedule. 

Conclusion:  In this article ‘How to Make a Best Study Timetable/ Schedule for Students – Study Tips‘, tell you important of timetable and how to make effective timetable. You must remember some things while you going to making time table for example time, subject etc. You can learn from other’s timetable but you don’t follow it. You can make your own timetable you’re regarding. It helps you get high score in exam. Time table is a key which can open your bright future. Time table is a strategy plan which regulates you to get your goal. It can explain the time when you want to achieve your goal. Time of goal is different from its value. You want to top your class in exam is short term goal and you want to make a doctor it can long time and hard work.

I hope you like this article and there is not necessary to apply some to others. You can change as you wish.

Thank You.
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