Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal)

Brief Introduction About Nepal after the Rana Period

Nepal is a small country in South Asia between China and India.  On B.S. 2007 Falgun 07, the 104 year of Rana rule came to an end with the rise of  democracy. Nepal was partitioned into 14 zones and 75 districts in B.S. 2018 Baishak 01. On B.S. 2019 Ashad 13, dividing Nepal into 4 development zones. Later on, it will be change into 5 development zones in B.S. 2067 Ashoj 26. Vs. Nepal has been divided into 7 states and 77 districts in B.S. 2074 Bhadau 05. On the other hand, Nepal has been divided into 753 Local Level in B.S. 2074 Saun 31

Check out Below Important Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal in Nepali):

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Check out Below Important Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal):

Date  Historical Events 
B.S. 2007 Falgun 01  Raja Tribhuvan, Rana Prime Minister Mohan Shamsher and Nepali Congress have a Delhi agreement,
B.S. 2007 Falgun 07 With the end of the 104-year-old Rana regime, the rise of democracy,
B.S. 2007 Falgun  The Nepal Interim Government Act is issued,
B.S. 2007 Chaitra 20 Radio Nepal was founded,
B.S. 2008 Ashad 01 The Public Service Commission is established,
B.S. 2008 Magh 21 Nepal’s first budget passed,
B.S. 2010 Jeshtha 16  Nepal’s Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and New Zealand’s Sir Edmund Hillary first successful in climbing the world’s highest summit,
B.S. 2011 Falgun 30  The death of King Tribhuvan,
B.S. 2012 Baishakh 12 Nepal and India sign the Kosi  River Agreement,
B.S. 2012 Mangsir 29  Nepal joins the United Nations
B.S. 2013 Baishakh 14 Nepal Rastra Bank was established,
B.S. 2013 Jeshtha 08  The Supreme Court is established,
B.S. 2013 Saun 01 With the implementation of the first five-year plan,
B.S. 2014 Ashad 09 Establishment of Nepal Wisdom Academy,
B.S. 2015 Baishakh 02 Instead of the government of Nepal, there is a Shree 5 Government 
B.S. 2015 Ashad 17 Nepal Airways Corporation is established,
B.S. 2015 Falgun 07 The first general election in Nepal’s history,
B.S. 2016 Jeshtha 13 BP Koirala became the first elected Prime Minister,
B.S. 2016 Ashad 16  Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 2015 implemented,

B.S. 2016 Ashad 30 Tribhuvan University established as Nepal’s first university,
B.S. 2016 Mangsir 18 Gandak Agreement signed between Nepal and India,
B.S. 2017 Mangsir 20 National Sports Council established,
B.S. 2017 Paush 01 King Mahendra banned Parties from the abolition of democracy, which is why it is considered a black day in history,
B.S. 2017 Paush 22 Panchayat system announced,
B.S. 2017 Falgun 07 National Planning Commission was established,
B.S. 2017 Falgun 07 The Gorkhapatra begins publishing daily,
B.S. 2018 Baishakh 01 Nepal is divided into 14 zones, and 75 Districts
B.S. 2019 Baishkh 01 The east-west highway is Opening,
B.S. 2019 Ashad 27 National signs announced,
B.S. 2019 Paush 01  Constitution of Nepal 2019,
B.S. 2020 Bhadhau 01 New Country Act is issued (to be regarded as social reform day),
B.S. 2020 Bhadhau 19 Nepal Red Cross Society established,
B.S. 2021 Baishakh 02 Government decides to use Nepali language in government affairs,
B.S. 2021 Paush 01 Implementation of Land Reform Act,
B.S. 2022 Paush 01 Provided by the Chief District Officer,
B.S. 2022 Magh 22 National Commercial Bank established,
B.S. 2024 Launching a national return to the village,
B.S. 2024 Magh 07 Agricultural Development Bank established,
B.S. 2028 Magh 17 King Shri Mahendra passes away, Shree 5 Birendra becomes King,

Historical Events of Nepal after the Rana Period (Information About Nepal): We are trying to collect most important events after Rana Period of Nepal. These information are very useful for competitive exam even general people who want to know about about. Hope you friends, it helps you grabs knowledge about nepal after rana periods to recent. 

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