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Gorkhapatra Loksewa Material – We provide you loksewa material published on Gorkhapatra. We are providing loksewa material from Gorkhapatra regularly. There is two type loksewa materials provide by gorkhapatra on every Wednesday. These are –

Gorkhapatra Loksewa, Gorkhapatra

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Date  Title   Check Now 
2076/04/08 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Sauna 08  Click Here
2076/04/15  Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Sauna 15 Click Here
2076/04/22 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Sauna 22 Click Here
2076/04/29 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Sauna 29 Click Here
2076/05/04 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Bhadra 04 Click Here
2076/05/11 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Bhadra 11 Click Here
2076/05/18 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Bhadra 18 Click Here
2076/05/25 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Bhadra 25 Click Here
2076/06/01 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Ashoj 01 Click Here
2076/06/08 Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Ashoj 08 Click Here

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We are regularly updating this page including Gorkhapatra Loksewa Materials Objectives and Subjective Question Answer published in Gorkhapatra online. The sources of loksewa Nepali GK is gorkhapatra Online. We just make a list of collection to help that people who prepare Public Service Commission exam.  

Please regularly update this page to getting new Public Service Commission Nepal Exam related Nepali GK published in Gorkhapatra Online for Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Adhikrit, Bank exam, other all Loksewa Exam and other competitive exams. We hope, it helps you a little bit to getting Public Service Commission Exam and other related. You also can check this material from Gorkhapatra Online official page (www.gorkhapatraonline.com).

1. Objective  (Bastugat Question)

In this category, Gorkhapatra provides us General knowledge about various parts like national and international games, history, culture, geography even current affairs that help loksewa aayog candidates. So, we are daily updates you for these important General Knowledge.

2. Subjective (Bishyagat Question)

It is other important categories of Gorthapatra’s Loksewa Materials for loksewa examiner. Under this, Gorkhapatra included important subjective questions and answers. It has included precious knowledge for particular topics. It also helps you learn about how to write the answer in the exam and how much time took particular marks and length of the answer.

About Gorkhapatra

Gorkhapatra is the oldest news paper in the Nepal. It was established at first time may 1901 as weekly and later 1961 become a daily news paper. Publisher of the Gorkhapatra is Gorkhapatra Sasthan and published language is Nepali. The location of Gorkhapatra Sasthan is Dharma Path, Kathmandu. The website of Gorkhapatra is www.gorkhapatraonline.com. ( Sources – WIKIPEDIA ) 

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