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Funny Trivia Questions and Answers to Ask

  1. Questions: Can you tell me, who is bigger, Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or their baby?
  2. Answer: The baby, because he is a ‘Little Bigger’.
  3. Questions: What do we always see at the beginning of a Film?
  4. Answer: The latter “F”
  5. Questions: What gives the power and strength to you walk through walls?
  6. Answer: A door
  7. Questions: How can you make You young?
  8. Answer: Add ‘N’ and ‘G’ to the end of ‘You’
  9. Questions: Why are movie stars looked so cool every time?
  10. Answer: They have so many fans.
  11. Questions: Why did Superman fly in the Sky?
  12. Answer: Save the petrol
  13. Questions: What is the biggest problem found with snow boots?
  14. Answer: Because it melts so fast.
  15. Questions: What happens if we throw a red hat into the Black Sea?
  16. Answer: Wow no. It gets wet.
  17. Questions: What is the easiest way for everyone to double their money?
  18. Answer: Put the money in front of the mirror
  19. Questions: If Mr. Jack was born in January, but his birthday falls in February, how is this possible?
  20. Answer: The name of place of birth is January and the birthday is in February.
  21. Questions: When does exactly 2 + 2 equal to 5?
  22. Answer: By mistake
  23. Questions: How can you drop an egg on a rock so that there is no crack?
  24. Answer: As the stone does not crack
  25. Questions: How can we say 3 consecutive days without using Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday?
  26. Answer: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  27. Questions: Is the sky really blue in color?
  28. Answer: No, this is due to the environment
  29. Questions: A man jumped from a plane without a parachute but he was alive, but how?
  30. Answer: Because that Plane was on the runway
  31. Questions: If Mark and Jack are neighbors, then what is between them?
  32. Answer: “And”
  33. Questions: Have you ever thought about why we drink water?
  34. Answer: Because we can’t chew the water.
  35. Questions: I can say Your uncle’s name, but how?
  36. Answer: “Your uncle’s name” Easily.
  37. Questions: Which word is misspelled in each dictionary?
  38. Answer: Misspelled
  39. Questions: What was the tallest mountain on earth before Mount Everest was discovered?
  40. Answer: Mount Everest
  41. Questions: I have a face and two hands but nobody, so could you say who am I?
  42. Answer: A watch
  43. Questions: Which room has no walls?
  44. Answer: A mushroom
  45. Questions: How many seconds are there in a year?
  46. Answer: [12 seconds] January 2, February 2, March 2, April 2, and so on.
  47. Questions: What could you hold it on whenever without some grip?
  48. Answer: A conversation
  49. Questions: How many sides are there in a circle?
  50. Answer: 2 sides (Inside and Outside)
  51. Questions: Where is the ocean without water?
  52. Answer: On the map
  53. Questions: What goes up as soon as the water goes down?
  54. Answer: An umbrella
  55. Questions: What is the easiest way for everyone to double their money?
  56. Answer: Put the money in front of the mirror
  57. Questions: What do Chinese people do to banana peels after eating bananas?
  58. Answer: Its throws
  59. Question: What do Chinese people do to banana peels after eating bananas?
  60. Answer: Its throws
  61. Question: How many birthdays does a person have in his entire life?
  62. Answer: Only one! Because other days happen only on the returns of birthday.
  63. Question: If it takes 20 minutes for one garment to dry, how many minutes does it take for 5 garments to dry?
  64. Answer: 20 Minutes Only
  65. Question: If 10 carrots are eaten by 10 rabbits in 10 minutes, how many rabbits can eat 100 carrots in 100 minutes?
  66. Answer: 1 rabbit (because it eats one carrot in 1 minute)
  67. Question: If it takes 4 minutes to boil one egg, how long does it take to boil 10 eggs?
  68. Answer: 4 Minutes only
  69. Question: In which battle was Hitler mar*tyred?
  70. Answer: In the last battle
  71. Question: If 10 people build a house in 10 days, how many days can 2 people build the same house?
  72. Answer: 10 people have already made it, why did they have to make it now?
  73. Question: What is something that does not get wet even when it falls into the water?
  74. Answer: Shadows
  75. Question: Did you know? Neil Armstrong is the first person to step on the moon, and who is the second to step on it?
  76. Answer: By Neil Armstrong
  77. Question: Where was the potato first invented?
  78. Answer: On the ground
  79. Question: What are the similarities between rose, lotus, and jasmine?
  80. Answer: They are flowers
  81. Question: What is the thing that goes down and goes up?
  82. Answer: The Ladder
  83. Question: What is something that people cannot save even when they see it drown?
  84. Answer: The sun
  85. Question: What is the exact height of the Eiffel Tower?
  86. Answer: Exactly double its half
  87. Question: How can you make ONE disappear?
  88. Answer: By adding G at first, then it’s GONE
  89. Question: What is there that comes down but does not go up?
  90. Answer: Hail, water
  91. Question: If some months have 31 days, some have 30 days, now tell me how many months have 28 days?
  92. Answer: If you think February is wrong …. because there are 28 days in every month.
  93. Question: What is it that goes up but does not come down?
  94. Answer: Our Age
  95. Question: What are the similarities between rectangle, circle, and triangle?
  96. Answer: They are shapes
  97. Question: Which two digits multiply come total of seven?
  98. Answer: 7 and 1
  99. Question: What is it that comes once a year but twice a Wednesday?
  100. Answer: “E” Word
  101. Question: What is the only thing that can be seen in darkness?
  102. Answer: Dark
  103. Question: What is greater than God and greater than Satan?
  104. Answer: Nothing
  105. Question: Can you write green with a red ink pen?
  106. Answer: Yes. (Write Green Word)
  107. Question: How many times does the letter A appear when writing from One to Hundred in English?
  108. Answer: Not even once … You can check.
  109. Question: What lies right between the UK and the USA?
  110. Answer: “And”
  111. Question: Which two keys can’t open any lock?
  112. Answer: Monkey and Donkey
  113. Question: How do you make 45 using just 4 number?
  114. Answer: 44 + 4/4 = 45

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