53+ Very Funny Trivia Questions and Answers Updated 2022

A trivia game is often played in the group for the purpose of gaining knowledge along with fun. So, it can be the best game to spend spare time by asking funny trivia questions.

There is no limitation of time to spend at this trivia game. It depends on the availability of time with each other. A trivia game could be played at school, office, home, etc. on vacant time or on different occasions.

We must have good trivia collections to use in this spare time. Trivia questions should be easy and funny to avoid boredom while playing it. Most of us are searching at Google to get trivia questions but we can’t get what we are looking for, isn’t it?

We also faced this problem while looking for fun trivia questions on the internet. So, we decided to make a good collection of trivia questions to help others. We tried to collect as possible as best trivia. Here below at the questions start.

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Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Questions: Can you tell me, who is bigger, Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or their baby?
  2. Answer: The baby, because he is a ‘Little Bigger’.

  3. Questions: What do we always see at the beginning of a Film?
  4. Answer: The latter “F”

  5. Questions: What gives the power and strength to you walk through walls?
  6. Answer: A door

  7. Questions: How can you make You young?
  8. Answer: Add ‘N’ and ‘G’ to the end of ‘You’

  9. Questions: Why are movie stars looked so cool every time?
  10. Answer: They have so many fans.

  11. Questions: Why did Superman fly in the Sky?
  12. Answer: Save the petrol

  13. Questions: What is the biggest problem found with snow boots?
  14. Answer: Because it melts so fast.

  15. Questions: What happens if we throw a red hat into the Black Sea?
  16. Answer: Wow no. It gets wet.

  17. Questions: What is the easiest way for everyone to double their money?
  18. Answer: Put the money in front of the mirror

  19. Questions: If Mr. Jack was born in January, but his birthday falls in February, how is this possible?
  20. Answer: The name of place of birth is January and the birthday is in February.

Funny trivia questions
  1. Questions: When does exactly 2 + 2 equal to 5?
  2. Answer: By mistake

  3. Questions: How can you drop an egg on a rock so that there is no crack?
  4. Answer: As the stone does not crack

  5. Questions: How can we say 3 consecutive days without using Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday?
  6. Answer: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  7. Questions: Is the sky really blue in color?
  8. Answer: No, this is due to the environment

  9. Questions: A man jumped from a plane without a parachute but he was alive, but how?
  10. Answer: Because that Plane was on the runway

  11. Questions: If Mark and Jack are neighbors, then what is between them?
  12. Answer: “And”

  13. Questions: Have you ever thought about why we drink water?
  14. Answer: Because we can’t chew the water.

  15. Questions: I can say Your uncle’s name, but how?
  16. Answer: “Your uncle’s name” Easily.

  17. Questions: Which word is misspelled in each dictionary?
  18. Answer: Misspelled

  19. Questions: What was the tallest mountain on earth before Mount Everest was discovered?
  20. Answer: Mount Everest

  1. Questions: I have a face and two hands but nobody, so could you say who am I?
  2. Answer: A watch

  3. Questions: Which room has no walls?
  4. Answer: A mushroom

  5. Questions: How many seconds are there in a year?
  6. Answer: [12 seconds] January 2, February 2, March 2, April 2, and so on.

  7. Questions: What could you hold it on whenever without some grip?
  8. Answer: A conversation

  9. Questions: How many sides are there in a circle?
  10. Answer: 2 sides (Inside and Outside)

  11. Questions: Where is the ocean without water?
  12. Answer: On the map

  13. Questions: What goes up as soon as the water goes down?
  14. Answer: An umbrella
  15. Questions: What is the easiest way for everyone to double their money?
  16. Answer: Put the money in front of the mirror

  17. Questions: What do Chinese people do to banana peels after eating bananas?
  18. Answer: Its throws

  19. Question: What do Chinese people do to banana peels after eating bananas?
  20. Answer: Its throws

  1. Question: How many birthdays does a person have in his entire life?
  2. Answer: Only one! Because other days happen only on the returns of birthday.

  3. Question: If it takes 20 minutes for one garment to dry, how many minutes does it take for 5 garments to dry?
  4. Answer: 20 Minutes Only

  5. Question: If 10 carrots are eaten by 10 rabbits in 10 minutes, how many rabbits can eat 100 carrots in 100 minutes?
  6. Answer: 1 rabbit (because it eats one carrot in 1 minute)

  7. Question: If it takes 4 minutes to boil one egg, how long does it take to boil 10 eggs?
  8. Answer: 4 Minutes only

  9. Question: In which battle was Hitler mar*tyred?
  10. Answer: In the last battle

  11. Question: If 10 people build a house in 10 days, how many days can 2 people build the same house?
  12. Answer: 10 people have already made it, why did they have to make it now?

  13. Question: What is something that does not get wet even when it falls into the water?
  14. Answer: Shadows

  15. Question: Did you know? Neil Armstrong is the first person to step on the moon, and who is the second to step on it?
  16. Answer: By Neil Armstrong

  17. Question: Where was the potato first invented?
  18. Answer: On the ground

  19. Question: What are the similarities between rose, lotus, and jasmine?
  20. Answer: They are flowers

  1. Question: What is the thing that goes down and goes up?
  2. Answer: The Ladder

  3. Question: What is something that people cannot save even when they see it drown?
  4. Answer: The sun

  5. Question: What is the exact height of the Eiffel Tower?
  6. Answer: Exactly double its half

  7. Question: How can you make ONE disappear?
  8. Answer: By adding G at first, then it’s GONE

  9. Question: What is there that comes down but does not go up?
  10. Answer: Hail, water

  11. Question: If some months have 31 days, some have 30 days, now tell me how many months have 28 days?
  12. Answer: If you think February is wrong …. because there are 28 days in every month.
  13. Question: What is it that goes up but does not come down?
  14. Answer: Our Age
  15. Question: What are the similarities between rectangle, circle, and triangle?
  16. Answer: They are shapes
  17. Question: Which two digits multiply come total of seven?
  18. Answer: 7 and 1
  19. Question: What is it that comes once a year but twice a Wednesday?
  20. Answer: “E” Word
  21. Question: What is the only thing that can be seen in darkness?
  22. Answer: Dark
  23. Question: What is greater than God and greater than Satan?
  24. Answer: Nothing
  25. Question: Can you write green with a red ink pen?
  26. Answer: Yes. (Write Green Word)
  27. Question: How many times does the letter A appear when writing from One to Hundred in English?
  28. Answer: Not even once … You can check.
  29. Question: What lies right between the UK and the USA?
  30. Answer: “And”
  31. Question: Which two keys can’t open any lock?
  32. Answer: Monkey and Donkey
  33. Question: How do you make 45 using just 4 number?
  34. Answer: 44 + 4/4 = 45

Trivia questions can be the best way to spend and have fun with people. Kids, Young and old people love to ask trivia and actively participate in this. So, we tried to collect the best among the best funny trivia questions for all of you. We think that you liked it.

Lastly, don’t forget to send your feedback to us. It gives us the insight to improve our content.

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