Economic Survey of Nepal 2075/76 Important Data for Exam

Economic Survey of Nepal 2075/76 Important Data for Exam – An economic survey is important for every government to find out the economic conditions of the country, economic growth, future prediction, etc. that helps to make new economic policies, rules. Economic survey conduct based on some things such as gross production of the country, employment rate, export-import ratio, basic compulsory concession. We are organized here some Important data for the Loksewa exam form Economic Survey of Nepal 2075/76. 

Some of these indicators are economic growth rate, human development index, per Capita income, inflection rate, Import export rate, GDP, unemployment, poverty rate, etc. The government of Nepal published the result of an economic survey 2075/76. Please check out below full information about important data for the public service commission exam from the economic survey 2075/76. According to the economic survey, 2075/76 important data are mention below:   

25 Important facts to know from the Economic Survey 2075/76

1. Economic Growth of 2075/76 – 7%

2. Human Development Index – 0.574

3. Per Capita income 1034 US $

4. Inflation rate – 4.2%

5. Remittance growth23.4%

6. Nepal’s unemployment rate 11.4%

7. Unemployment rate is high – Province no. 2

8. Unemployment Rate Low – Province no. 3

9. Urban population 59.9%

10. Basic cleanliness reached 99%

11. Basic drinking water reaches 88%

12. Total electricity generated 1142MW

13. Reaching the electricity service population 77.8%

14. Agriculture sector contributes to GDP 26.9%
15. Forest area – 44.7%

16. Average Trees number 430 Per Hectare

17. Highest Gross Domestic Product – Region No. 5

18. Lowest Gross domestic product less – Karnali Region

19. Population below the poverty line 18.7%

20. Banks have reached 713local level

21. Tourist arrivals to Nepal 1,173,072 Persons (25% Increased)

22. Youth in Foreign Employment – 4,365,415 (Male: 4167310, Female: 198,105)

23. Country opened for foreign employment110 Countries

24. Telephone density – 137.17

The government of Nepal published the result of an economic survey 2075/76. Some economic sectors are going upgrade and some indicate point out going down compared to last fiscal year economic survey.
We hope, it helps you learn about the Economic Survey of Nepal 2075/76 important Data for Exam. If you have some quires about the Economic Survey of Nepal, please comment in the below section. 
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