Current Affairs of Nepal for Quiz Question with Answer

Current Affairs of Nepal for Quiz Question with Answer – Especially, the current affairs sector is too large and we aren’t specified and covered all sector current affairs questions and answers in a short period. So, today we are specifying some important quiz questions from various sectors. We included here current affairs related questions from the political, national and international incident, policies, achievement, and target, games, prizes, etc related post.  
There will be going various functions of school and college. They organized many programs like dance, singing, etc. One of the regular functions of this is the quiz. They asked many questions related to the general knowledge of the various sector and current affairs for the quiz. This general knowledge is also important for these students who prepare the public service commission Nepal exam. Today, we are going to share with you the 25 most important recent current affairs of Nepal for quiz questions. They are mentioned in below. Please read carefully. OK, Let’s started.

Current Affairs of Nepal for Quiz Question with Answer

 25 Most Important Current Affairs of Nepal for Quiz Question with Answer

1. When was the National Assembly election held?
– B.S. 2074 Magh 24
2. When was Nepal divided into 77 districts?
– B.S. 2074 Bhadra 05
3. When did the free kidney transplant start in Nepal?
– B.S. 2074 Baishakh 03
4. When was the volleyball game declared a national game of Nepal?
– B.S. 2074 Jeth 08
5. When was the Green Card awarded to Nepal by China?
– February 25, 2017
6. How many local levels are there in Nepal?
– 753 
7. When did KP Sharma Oli become prime minister for the second time?
– B.S.2074 Fagun 03
8. When will the first National Economic Computation in Nepal be launched?
– B.S. 2075 Baishakh 01
9. What is the goal of bringing the number of rhinos in Nepal up to 2021?
– 800
10. Who is the designer of the ‘Dharahara’ now to be built?
– Bishnu Panthi
11. Which is the highest local level district?
– 20 local levels (Sarlahi)
12. When has it been decided to celebrate Nepal’s National Day?
– Ashoj 03
13. What is the name of the world’s first Roberts to receive citizenship?
– Sofia by Saudi 
14. When did Minister for Tourism Ravindra Adhikari die by Airplane crashed ?
– B.S. 2075 Falgun 15
15. How many countries has Nepal signed a labor agreement with so far?
– Total 9 Countries
16. When was the Swearing of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term?
– May 30, 2019
17. How many countries in the world currently have tigers?
– 13 countries
18. How long has the goal been to end child marriage?
– 2020
19. Which district of Nepal has the largest number of municipalities?
– Rautahat (16 municipalities)
20. Which is the tallest waterfall in Nepal and in which district?
– Kalikot’s Panchala waterfall (381 m.)
21. When was the first satellite launched in Nepal, and what is its name?

– B.S. 2076 Baishakh 05 (Nepal Sat1)

22. When did Prime Minister KP Sharma visit Europe?
– B.S. 2076 Jeth 25
23. How many places is Nepal in FIFA Priority 2019?
– 165th
24. When was the Republic Monument founded?
– B.S. 2076 Jeth 15
25. How many tourists is the target of visiting Nepal by the year 2020?
– 1.5 million tourists

We hope, it helps you find out the Current Affairs of Nepal for Quiz Question with Answer and it’s saved your value able time. Please comment below section, if you have some questions related to this post, we replied to you as soon as possible.
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