Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076: Here is the collection of Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 on Ashad’s whole month. This helps to solve your quires like Current affairs of Nepal, Current affairs of Nepal 2019 for quiz, Nepali GK, loksewa GK, Samasamayik Samanya Gyan 2076, Samanya Gyan Question Answer in Nepali 2076, etc.

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad
We are making this list by searching for different sources such as Facebook, Youtube, National News Paper, etc. We are planned to make Current Affairs of Nepal monthly lists, it helps you getting samasamyik samanya gyan 2076 or current affairs of Nepal 2019 in one place. Other importance thing is you read both Nepali and English Languages. There is listed importance Current Affairs of Nepal for Ashad month 2076. These are showing as follows โ€“ 

Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

Current Affairs of Nepal 2019, Most Importance Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076, Ashad

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52 Current Affairs of Nepal 2019 

1. When was the annual budget submitted to seven states assembly for 2076/77?
– B.S 2076 Ashad 01

2. Since when has the Kathmandu municipality launched technology-based smart parking service with the objective of solving the problem of cluttered parking?
– B.S 2076 Ashad 01

3. Who is the most successful player on Forbes’ list of the world’s 100 highest grossing public players on June 2019?
– Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona)

4. Under the Ministry of Forest and Environment, which is the organization formed by the Timber Corporation of Nepal Limited and Forest Production Development Committee?
– Nepal Forest Corporation Limited

5. Who is the person to be honored with the Science and Technology Journalism Award given on B.S 2076?
– Umesh Kumar Ojha (Editor, Yuwamanch)

6. When did US President Donald Trump announce a crisis over the threat of information technology?
– May 16, 2019

7. When the new Emperor of Japan Naruhito was formally enthroned?
– May 09, 2019

8. When was the first Health Rights Year book ever published in Nepal?
– B.S 2076 Ashad 06

9. According to the Economic Survey 2075/076, how much is the contribution of the education sector to the gross domestic product?
– 7.06% (estimated 5.07% at 2075/76)

10. When was the US – based Space X company launching 24 satellites into space simultaneously?
– June 25, 2019

11. Who is the record holder in the lowest innings of international cricket with 20 thousand runs scored?
– Indian captain Virat Kohli

12. Who was awarded the National Talent Award for Music and Drama on 2076?
– Singer and musician Jeevan Sharma

13. How many kilometers of railroad have the government put forward in the next decade?
– Two thousand 800 kilometers

14. What is the slogan of National Paddy Day celebrated on Ashad 15?
– Technology and mechanization in paddy cultivation: Reduction in rice imports

15. What period has Nepal been appointed as a member of the UN Drug Commission?
– Up to 2020 โ€“ 2023

16. When did the government organize a national labor and employment conference?
– B.S 2076 Ashad 15 -16

17. Where was the conference of the G-20 group of industrialized nations organized in 2019?
– Japan (June 28 – 29, 2019)

18. According to the constitution of Nepal, how many judges are there in the Supreme Court?
– Except Chief Minister, 20 person

19. Which day has the government decided to celebrate National Tree Plantation Day?
– Asar 14

20. Who is the recipient of the Gopal Prasad Rimal National Poetry Award conferred on 7?
–  Bhishma Upredi, Jhapa

21. When was the first data center summit organized in Nepal?
– B.S. 2076 Ashad

22.  According to the regular results in the year 2076 SEE exam, how many students are there to bring the GPA  3.60 to 4.0?

23. According to the report of the Human Resource Launch Task Force, formed by the government, Nepal is expected to enter the country. How much manpower with high skills and abilities have been projected by B.S 2100?
–  3.85%

24. When has the government announced a new health policy with the main goal of keeping individuals, families and society accountable for health?
– B.S. 2076 Ashad 06

25. According to Economic Survey 2075/76, for what purpose do most tourists come to Nepal?
– Entertainment (60%)

Samasamayik Samanya Gyan Nepali 2076 Month Ashad 

26. Who is the Nepali actress who won the ‘Performer Award’ at the SAARC Film Festival 2019 in Sri Lanka?
– Swastima Khadak

27. Who was recently appointed as a member secretary of the National Sports Council?
– Ramesh Silwal (B.S. 2076 Ashad 23)

28. Who won the Women’s World Cup football tournament in Lyon, France?
–  America

29. According to World Peace Index 2019, how many places is Nepal in?
–  76th

30. When has the United States banned its citizens from visiting Cuba?
–  June 04, 2019

31. When and where was the Tourist Information Center established in Nepal?
–  B.S. 2076 Ashad 18, Thamel, Kathmandu

32. Since when was the global campaign aimed at protecting the tribal languages โ€‹โ€‹of Nepal?
–  B.S. 2076 Ashad 15 (from Thailand)

33. Where was the G-20 Nation Conference held in 2019?
– Osaka, Japan

34. When the result of the first economic calculation of Nepal was made public?
– B.S. 2076 Ashad 16

35. According to Doing Business Report -2019, how many places is Nepal in?
–  110th

36. Who is the sport journalist honored with the Asian Sport Journalist Award under Pulsar Sports Award 2076?
– Amjad Ali Mukil from Pakistan

37. According to the Economic Survey 2075/76, what are the top five institutions operating in high profits in Nepal?
– Telecommunication Institute, Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, National Commercial Bank Ltd., Nepal Oil Corporation Ltd., and Agricultural Development Bank Ltd.

38. Who won the Copa America Football – 2019 title in Brazil?
– Brazil

39. When was Morang fully literate district declared?
– B.S. 2076 Ashad 21

40. According to a Forbes report released in 2019, who is the youngest entrepreneur to become the youngest billionaire in the world?
–  21 year old Kylie Jenner

41. According to Commercial Coffee Farming Survey 2075, which is the first district of Nepal in coffee production?
– Kavrepalanchok

42. Which country won the ACC U-19 Eastern Region Cricket Tournament in Malaysia on July 2019?
– Nepal

43. The distribution of national identity cards started in Panchanthar district has recently expanded to how many districts?
– 15 districts

44. Which is the first state to form a state sports development council?
– State 3, (B.S. 2076 Ashad 24)

45. When and where was the third Asian Leadership hosted by the Global Leadership Foundation?
– June 20 2019, Thimphu, Bhutan

46. When was the modified labor agreement signed between Nepal and the UAE?
– June 14, 2019

47. Who is the recipient of the Government’s Best National Honor Award?
– Navaraj Poudel (Director of Kantipur Poultry Breeding Firm in Bara district)

48. When did Hussein Mohammed Ersad, the former President of Bangladesh and Chief of the Army, died?
– July 14, 2019

49. Who was awarded the Vasudev Munal Bal Pratibha Award?
– Ayush KC

50. Which country is won the title of World Cup Cricket 2019?
– England

51. Who is the Nepali girl who won the Little Asia Pacific Princess – 2019 title at the Beauty Festival held in Singapore from June 26 to July 01?
–  11 years old, Krishtina Khadka

52. Which is the Nepali Hospital awarded by Quality Choice Prize – 2019?
– Nurbik International Hospital (awarded by the European Society for Quality Research in Berlin, Germany)
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