An effective way for how to study history subject with the date (Simple way and Trick)

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An effective way for how to study history subject with the date (Simple way and Trick): Almost students are facing the problem about ‘ how to study history subject with the date’. How to remember history date create many problems for all. But we will discuss those effective tricks which really worked.
There are many tricks share by many people to study history subject but we are faced with many problems and can’t implement in our study. We haven’t any tricks about ‘how to study’. Today, we are going to talking about an easy way to study historical date from history subject. 
Most of the time is the passing of students to study books. But there will not be coming progressive output. Some students follow the study technique and study 1/2 hour in the day; take a high mask than this student who studies all the time of days. So, you follow the smart study the technique than hard. Those people who follow the smart technique, they are achieving their academic goals easily. 
Now we are going to the talking about the study trick of Historical Date. There are many historical dates that need to remember. But we can’t remember all the dates. Remember the historical data is a very difficult task for us. But we can’t ignore it. It helps us to get success in the exam; good performance of an interview, personal knowledge and high performing in competitive exams. There are some tips mention in below that really helps you to remember history subject: 

1. Record audio file

First of all, you are separate the all-important date of history chapter wise. And you make notes that include all chapters wise history date. You make an audio file including all history date. The important thing you must remember that make short audio of 3 or 4 minutes. The audio file folder makes in your mobile regarding chapter or topic wise. Listen to it when you are free like traveling, after meal or dinner, walking in the street, etc. The audio file works like a short note so there is no boring for listening. It helps to remember all important history-related topics. It also helps you remember for a long time.

2. Compare

It is another best technique for remembering historical dates. This technique is about to compare these dates that are also known. It can support you save time. For example:
A) Assume, You also knew about when did the First World War start. In this topic, you can compare it also the Second World War and you can also remember what was happen during wartime. You make a note and study by comparing each other. If anybody asks about the First World War, you also even tell about the ancient of the Second World War.
B)  Other methods are making a table like the same date or year. For example, There came an earthquake in Nepal in 1990 B.S and same year established S.L.C board in Nepal such as you compare. Another example is the Second World War began on 1 September 1939 and end 2 September 1945. This example, we find the similar is September month and date. Other ways to remember it the war begins on 1 September, began means start so 1. And end we remember last or after they began or 2.  

3. Table Method

The other best technique for study history date is the table method. According to this technique, first, you make of cording number o to 9 using the alphabet. The similar of other technique, first you make a note of the historical date. And you cord them in following technique:
A = 1
B = 2
c = 3
D = 4
E = 5
F = 6
G = 7
H = 8
I = 9
O = 0
In this trick, we are cording the number of historical data which you collection of note. 
Example: – S.L.C Board establish in Nepal B.S 1990
Here, by the trick,
1 = A
9 = I
9 = I
0 = O
So code made 1990 = AIIO
Similarly, First World War started 1914 A.D and it cording is 1914 = AIAD.
We take another example, Establish of FACEBOOK 2004 = BOOD
You follow this trick and make a short cording trick using this that helps you remember a long time. If you like it, you make cording and study it to remember long. It makes you more capable and competitive. 

4. Story Making Technique

Additional other trick is ‘story making technique’. First of all, you collect the all data related same topic. Then, you imagine a story with including this date. I prefer you to make a simple story that simply you can remember. You include the various data in your story. For example, our grandfather was going to give the exam of S.L.C in 1990 B.S. Suddenly there was come earthquake and he fears, he said to me. This example is just understood. In this story, we can remember there was an established S.L.C board and gone big earthquake of Nepal in 1990 B.S. 
Study the main key;

–  Regularity:  When we are started any work don’t stop this while getting in success. You start doing any work to do on a regular basis until it’s not achieved. 
–  Revision: You are revising your study within 24 hours for the first time and regularly revise it from time to time. It helps memorize a long time. You make a routine for revise day by day. It makes you updated. 
–  Make a note: I suggested you make a note that includes important content related to your subject. It helps you save your value able time.

There are many techniques which you can follow on your study. If we are following the short trick, it helps us save our time and remember long time. So, we listen by saying people these people get success whose apply their life smart work inside of hard word.

Conclusion:  In this article, I will try to give tips about ‘An Effective way for how to study history subject with the date’. In there is including the main keys which help you study history subject. It is necessary to you must follow this trick. If you like this trick, you will follow this. But I want to say you, you choose smart trick in study. It helps you remember long time and save time. The remaining time, you can use other work like play games, meet with friend etc. as you wish. I hope, you will like this tips and trick.
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