52 Most Important Lok Sewa Aayog General Knowledge – 2019 [Nepali GK]

What is the general knowledge?

General knowledge is commonly known to all. That is, there is a lot of things related to events around us, various geographical information of our country, geographical information of the world, history of the country, overall history of the world, sources and resources etc. We all need to know all of these areas in general.  Nepal, India and other country , this theme is also included in the examination given for the public sector. Those who pass only in the previous phase can go ahead for other phase.

Why is it important to know about general knowledge?

This makes you known as all regions in general. This indirectly helps increase your confidence level. It is easy to communicate in general, because there is some information about it. If you are thinking and preparing for a government job, it may be important for you. If you are a student, you can also participate in the school level Quiz of the school. Currently, you can earn both names and prices in the program like Ko Banchha Karodapati in Nepal.

52 Most Important Lok Sewa Aayog General Knowledge – 2019

General Knowledge - 2019, Loksewa General Knowledge - 2019, loksewa samasamayik 2019
General Knowledge – 2019

1. Which is the country with the highest computer in the world?

2. Who is the King who dies the epidemic of plague?

– Bhashkar Malla

3. Which is the smallest satellite?

– Leda

4. How much is Mariana Trench’s depth?

– 11,776 m.

5. What is the test to diagnose typhoid?

– Vedal Test

6. Who are the telephone inventors?

– Alexander Graham Bell

7. Who are the inventors of the television?

– J.L Wired

8. Who is the exponent of Sun-based principles?

– Nicholas Copernicus

9. Who was the telescope inventor?

– Galileo Galilee

10. Who was the Penciline inventor?

– Alexander Fleming

11. How long was Jung Bahadur Rana prime minister?

– 29 years

12. How many countries have provided the voter’s negative voting rights to their voters till now?

– 15 (including Nepal)

13. What is the first book published for the purpose of teaching Nepali language?

– Axis Education

14. When has the Palace High School installed?

– B.S 1910, Ashoj 27

15. What does Kamaiya say to the loan to pay the money?

– Sockey

16. Which district of Nepal is known by the Medical City nickname?

– Chitwan

17. Which Rana Prime Minister has started using the target raid?

– Bir shamshir

18. How many times have the United Nations Governance revised?

– 5 times

19. Which district is located in Jatapokhari lake ?

– Sindhupalchok

20. Who is the inventor of mobile phones?

– Martin Kooper

21. In which country is the toll of Nepal called ?

– Japan

22. Which is the country where Sun raise is midnight?

– Norway

23. Which is the biggest place animal in the world ?

– Elephant

24. Which is considered oldest metal?

– Cooper

25. What is the most living creature in the world?

– Turtle (300 years)

26. What is considered to be the oldest grain?

– Soya bean

27. Who is the only King of Nepal to be listed on the Guinness Book of World Record?

– Jay Prakash Mall, King of the Java, the smallest coin of the world

28. Ever since the census work started in Nepal?

– B.S. 1968

29. Chure jurisdiction protection program has been operated in the district in Nepal?

-13 districts

30. What is the largest earthquake country in the world?

– Mongolia
General Knowledge - 2019, Loksewa General Knowledge - 2019, Loksewa samasamayik 2019
General Knowledge – 2019

31. Which country is the highest costume production product in the world?

– China

32. Which country hasn’t a police and a prisoner ?

– Iceland

33. Which is the biggest heat in the world?

– Libya’s Ajijiya

34. Which is the coldest place in the world?

– Russia’s Varkhiyankash

35. Who has used the behavior of the boy’s slaughtering?

– Anshuwarma

36. What was the district called at the time of Lichchhiwi ?

– Subject

37. Who is known as Bullet Maharaj?

– Trailokya Vikram Shah

38. What is the slogan of the plow to see the hydro?

– Megha Bank

39. Who is known as Hawki Magician?

– Dhanchandra Singh, India

40. Which is the only district fish not available in Nepal?

– Manang

41. When does cabal car has been conducted in Manamakana?

  B.S 2055 Mansir 8

42. How old does the Chief Justice and other High Court judges judge in their post?

– 65 years

43. Which country is the border-linked nation with the highest number of countries?

– China

44. Who is known as the magician of the past?

– Jagdish Chandra Boss

45. Which is the country that two bosses rule over?

– Sanmarino

46. ​​Where is known as the World Cup footballer’s birthplace?

– Julius Rimet

47. Who is a famous social activist who is carrying a owls in the pocket ?
– Florence Nightingale

48. Whose palace school opened for the public?

– Birshmisher

49. When was the Public Service Commission called as Loksewa Aayog ?

– B.S. 2015 Ashadh 16

50. Which country is female literate more than male literate?

– Hungary

51. What is the lowest water supply district in Nepal?

– Mustang

52. How many mountains are there than 8 thousand in Nepal?
– 8

Thanks everyone who read the post at the end. I hope this post help a little beat to general knowledge capacity.  

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