50 Important General Knowledge Question and Answer ( Loksewa Exam Gk )

50 Important General Knowledge Question and Answer ( Loksewa Exam Gk )  – The 50 most important general knowledge is presented within this. Due to the questions raised by the Loksewa aayog in various times, the questions also included have been very important. This section has been prepared by the Public Service Commission for the purpose of using various level exam  materials. It is very useful for those candidate who prepare the Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Adhikrit and other level.
Loksewa Gk
Nepali Gk
1. In what district is Fungfung waterfall?
– Nuwakot

2. How much of the Heritage of Nepal is to be celebrated in the World Heritage Site?
– 10

3. Who did Jai Nepal use for the first time?
– Shukraraj Shastri

4. How many National Dignities Programs are present in Nepal?
– 23

5. How many percentage of Nepal’s total land is cultivated for Farming?
– 17.97%

6. Which is the first highway of Nepal?
 – Tribhuvan Rajpath

7. What is the name of  Kathmandu – Pokhara road?
– Prithbi highway

8. What is called a sheet placed infornt the book and behind?
– Fly Leaf

9. Who was the Zero inventor?
– Arya Bhatt

10. Which district has begun with producing in tea?
– Elam

11. When did the 14 zonal and 75 districts are divided occur?
– 2018 Baikhakh 01

12. How many MW of electricity has been produced in Nepal till now?
– 1142 Mw

13. When will the earthquake day be celebrated in Nepal?
– Magh 2

14. In what district should the Chhinnamasta temple be?
– Saptari

15. What is Tharu tribe called home Son-in-law ?
– Vwarpaithana

16. In what district should a Jakhira lake be?
– Kapilvastu

17. What name is known next to the Bhandarkhal Festival?
– Basnet festival

18. How many business way have been opened by Nepal and India?
– 27

19. What is the small district of Nepal after the local level division?
– Bhaktapur

20. Where is the Ghorne waterfall?
– Sankhuwasabha

21. Where did Gautam Buddha give the first sermon?
– Sarnath of India

22. Who is the Second Miss Nepal of Nepal?
– Sumi Khadka

22. Who is the Second Miss Nepal of Nepal?
– Sumi Khadka

24. Which is the temple in Nepal’s highest position?
– Muktinath (3750m)

25. What agreement has the end of the first war war have?
–  Varseleej Agreement

26. When was the Untouchable-free Nation Announced to Nepal?

– B.S. 2073 Jeth 21

27. What is the slogan of the first National Women’s Rights Day?
– Destination of the prosperous Nepal end of the legitimate discrimination

28. What is considered to be the world’s first cash crop?
– Tea

29. When has the plantation program started in Nepal?
– B.S. 2002

30. Where is the lowest section of the Asian Highway?
– Singapore

Loksewa GK

31. What is the first person climbing of Mount Everest without both hand?
– Sudarshan Gautam

32. When is the most black day considered in Nepal’s history of collegian?

– B.S. 2044 Falgun 29

33. Who is the most climbing person of Mount Everest?
– Kamirita Sherpa (24 times)

34. Which mountain is known as White Himal?
– Dhaulagiri

35. What animal is has the three hearts and blue blood?

– Octopus

36. Where is the Bats Conservation Protection Area?
 – Kapilvastu

37. When did Nirmala Pant carnage happen in Kanchanpur?
– B.S.  2075 Sauna 10

38. Which is the first WiFi-free district of Nepal?
– Magdi

39. Which cast is prevalent in the Putpute dance?
– Gurung

40. When has the National Sports Council established?
– B.S. 2017 Mansir 20

41. Who are the designers of Narayan Hiti palace?
– B. Forn

42. Which is the only Terai district which does not touch the Mahendra highway?

– Parsa

43. What is the largest human-made lake of Nepal?

– Indrasariwar (Makawanpur)

44. Nanda Bhauju lake is located in which district?
– Chitwan

45. Which is a famous district for Dhaka’s clothing?

– Palpa

46. ​​Which year of Nepal was celebrated as a visit year?

– B.S. 2073

47. What are the recent SAARC summit sessions in Nepal?
– Third, eleventh and eighteenth

48. What is the institute giving employment to the highest population in the world?
– Indian Railway Service

49. What is the nearest airport from Kathmandu?
– Tribhuvan International Airport

50. Which is the Nepalese movie kept on the first Internet?
– Badal Pari

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