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In this, the different levels of Public Service Commission exam questions and answer and also be included in the old examination questions. There is a lot of general knowledge related to all the preparations for various levels of Public Service Commission exam. This general knowledge has been designed specifically for the general knowledge of Loksewa GK 2019 who prepare the Loksewa exam. It is included within 50 + most important loksewa GKs. Which is prepared in the following :

1. In the highest place of Nepal, the paddy is cultivated in which district?
– Jumla

2. Which district is located in Jatapokhari village?
– Sindhupalchok

3. Which is the highest creature?
– Giraffe

4. Which country is not available a snake?
– Iceland

5. In which district should the Turture lake be?
– Baglung

6. Which country is known as the land of the Lili?
– Canada

7. Which district should be located in the Purenawa Palace?
– Rautahat

8. Which is the planet to be a day longer than a year?
– Venus

9. Which is the longest Pregnancy having organism ?
– Elephant

10. Which district is known as District of Seven Pond?
– Rasuwa

11. How old is the age to be President?
– 45 years

12. Who is the first elected prime minister of Nepal?
– B.P. Koirala

13. Which is the country that is not participate of any war?
– Switzerland

14. In which district should Fungfung water fall ?
– Nuwakot

15. How many state are there in Nepal is divided by a concrete approach?
– 3 (Himalayas, mountains, terrain)

16. How many area is occupied by Terai  of the total area of ​​the Nepal?
– 17%

17. Which mountain range located Nilgiri mountain?
– Dhaulagiri

18. In which district Gosaikund is located ?
– Rasuwa

19. Which mountain was based on Nepal’s fixed time?
– Gaurishankar

20. How many big and small rivers are estimated in Nepal ?
– 6000

21. How much is Nepal’s average length of west to east?
– 885 km

22. Which district Known for production of coffee in Nepal ?
– Gulmi

23. When was the time of establishment of Radio Nepal?
– B.S. 2007 Chaitra 20

24. Which river has been Nilgaad included ?
– Mahakali river

25. How high is Muktinath?
– 3750 Meters

26. Which is the biggest river in Nepal?
– Saptakoshi

27. How many times Nepal is smaller than China?
– 65 times

28. Which is the highest district headquarters in nepal ?
– Simikot

29. How many  width are there in north-south of Nepal?
– 193 kms

30. Which district known as district of Lokta and Suspension bridge ?
– Baglung

31. How much is the area of ​​Kathmandu valley?
– 642 sq km

32. What is the hotest area in Nepal?
– Nepalgunj

33. What is the maximum water falling in the country?
– Kaski, Lumley

34. What is the lowest water fall district in Nepal?
– Mustang

35. How many mountains are there higher than 8 thousand in Nepal?
– 8

36. Which district is Mahendra cave?
– Kaski

37. Which district is located in Helamvo?
– Sindhupalchok

38. What is the headquarters of the Nepalese lowest level?
– Jaleshwar

39. What is the district linked to the maximum number of districts?
– Sindhuli

40. Which is the famous district for farming?
– Salyan

41. What is the Tharu community called to eat food meal?
– Caluwa

42. When is Chure Conservation Day being celebrated in Nepal?
– On August 2

43. Which is the country that produces the highest sugar-cane production in the world?
– Brazil

44. In which district is the mole cave municipality?
– Kalikot

45. Where is the Motipur Industrial Area under Construction?
– Rupandehi

46. ​​When was the Labor Agreement between Nepal and Jordan?
– 2017 Oct 18

47. How many districts health programs have been recently implemented?
– 22 districts

48. According to Nepal Tourism Year 2020, how much tourism is there to be targeted?
– 15 lakh tourists

49. Which waterfall is the highest waterfall of Kalikot, the highest water in Nepal?
 – Panchal (381 meters)

50. When birdfluw free announcement was made to Nepal?
– B.S. 2074 Jeth 28

51. When was the decision to celebrate Nepal’s Day Day 4?
– 2073 Baisakha 7

52. What kind of snowfall is in Mecca Mountains?
– Mahalangur

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