39 Strange Questions Quiz with Answers 2022

Sometimes, we are looking for strange and weird questions to ask people to test their knowledge, thinking ability, and getting some fun. So you will get 39 strange questions quiz with answers in this post.

39 Strange Questions Quiz with Answers 2022

  1. Question: What is the only body’s muscle that never tires?
  2. Answer: Our heart

  3. Question: How many sweat holes are there in the human body?
  4. Answer: Almost 2.5 million

  5. Question: Which animal that sleeps with one eye open?
  6. Answer: Dolphins

  7. Question: Which part of our body contains a one-quarter of all your bones?
  8. Answer: Feet (26 bones each Foot)

  9. Question: Which is the country with the most number of billionaires?
  10. Answer: USA

  11. Question: How many liters do you spit in your lifetime?
  12. Answer: 40,000 liters

  13. Question: Which bird can mimic a sound once heard?
  14. Answer: Lyrebird

  15. Question: What is the name of cross between a donkey and a zebra?
  16. Answer: Zeedonk

  17. Question: Is time travel really possible in future?
  18. Answer: Yes, based on available theories

  19. Question: Do you know who has the most Guinness World Record titles in the world?
  20. Answer: Ashrita Furman (More than 600)

  21. Question: Why did the Russians arrive 12 days late for the 1908 Olympics?
  22. Answer: Due to using wrong Calender

  23. Question: What is the actual Color of Mirror?
  24. Answer: Green

  25. Question: Do you know, the most common color of toilet paper in France?
  26. Answer: Pink Color

  27. Question: How long is the longest TV ADs in history?
  28. Answer: 14 Hours

  29. Question: Which country is considered the newest country in the world?
  30. Answer: South Sudan

  31. Question: Can you guess how much money may there in the World?
  32. Answer: 75 Trillion US Dollars

  33. Question: What is the highest peak in the world called?
  34. Answer: Mount Everest

  35. Question: Which insect able to fly higher than Mount Everest?
  36. Answer: Bumblebees

  37. Question: Where is the center area of the universe?
  38. Answer: Everywhere

  39. Question: Can we sneeze in our sleep?
  40. Answer: No

  41. Question: Can we survive if the earth stops spinning to sun?
  42. Answer: No, It’s not possible.

  43. Question: Is a sneeze faster than the blink of an eye?
  44. Answer: Yes

  45. Question: What does Abraham Lincoln not did in a photo?
  46. Answer: A smile

  47. Question: Which is the most sensitive body organ?
  48. Answer: Skin

  49. Question: Which country does not have mosquitoes?
  50. Answer: Iceland

  51. Question: How many years in a millennium are there?
  52. Answer: 1000 years

  53. Question: Where do permanently deleted files store from the computer?
  54. Answer: Nowhere, it is still there

  55. Question: What is the resolution of human eye in megapixels?
  56. Answer: 576 Megapixels

  57. Question: Which country invented first Ice Cream?
  58. Answer: China

  59. Question: How many hearts does an octopus have in its body?
  60. Answer: Three

  61. Question: What day is the most common birthday in the United States?
  62. Answer: September 9

  63. Question: What consists to approximately 80% of our brain volume?
  64. Answer: Water

  65. Question: How long is a moment in seconds?
  66. Answer: 90 seconds

  67. Question: How long is an Olympic game swimming pool in meters?
  68. Answer: 50 meters

  69. Question: How many colors are there in rainbow?
  70. Answer: 7 colors

  71. Question: How many trees are there in earth?
  72. Answer: Approx. 3 Trillion

  73. Question: Who invented the word ‘Vomit’?
  74. Answer: William Shakespeare

  75. Question: What is the largest continent in earth by area?
  76. Answer: Asia

  77. Question: What is the largest continent in earth by population?
  78. Answer: Asia

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