Hello Friends, today we are going to share with you some important Bank Exam Preparation Multiple Choose Online Quiz related Banking and Financial sector especially Nepal even all over the world. These quiz questions are important for those candidates who are preparing NRB, RBB, ADBL and other private banks' exam. Please try these bank exam preparation related online quiz and give us your value able suggestions.

1. When was Nepal Rastra Bank established?

           A. B.S. 2013 Baishakh 10

           B. B.S. 2013 Baishakh 12

           C. B.S. 2013 Baishakh 14

           D. B.S. 2013 Baishakh 16

... Right Option: C. B.S. 2013 Baishakh 14

2. How many commercial banks are present in Nepal?

           A. 27

           B. 28

           C. 26

           D. 30

... Right Option : A. 27

3. How many Paper Note have been in circulation in Nepal till now?

           A. 9

           B. 10

           C. 11

           D. 12

... Right Option : C. 11

4. From which country did Paper Note begin in the world?

           A. India

           B. Spain

           C. USA

           D. China

... Right Option : D. China

5. Which is the First commercial bank established in Nepal?

           A. Nepal Rastra Bank

           B. Rastriya Banijya Bank

           C. Nepal Bank Limited

           D. NIC Asia Bank

... Right Option : C. Nepal Bank Limited

6. Where is the central office of Nepal Rastra Bank?

           A. Sankhamul, KTM

           B. Darbarmarg, KTM

           C. Baneshwar, KTM

Baluwartar, KTM

... Right Option : D. Baluwartar, KTM

7. When was Nepal Bank Limited established?

           A. B.S 1994 Kartik 10

B.S 1994 Kartik 30

B.S 1994 Ashwin 10

           D. B.S 1994 Ashwin 30

... Right Option : B. B.S 1994 Kartik 30

8. Who regulates, supervises and monitors banking and financial systems in Nepal?

           A. Government of Nepal

           B. Rastriya Banijya Bank

           C. Nepal Rashtra Bank 

           D. Ministry of Finance

... Right Option : C. Nepal Rashtra Bank

9. Which animal has the picture of Rs.50?

           A. Sheep

           B. Elephant 

           C. Tiger 

           D. Rhinoceros

... Right Option : A. Sheep

10. When was the Rastriya Banijya Bank established?
           A. B.S. 2022 Magh 04

           B. B.S. 2022 Magh 06

           C. B.S. 2022 Magh 08

           D. B.S. 2022 Magh 10

... Right Option : D. B.S. 2022 Magh 10