15 Tips How to Write Unique Theory Subject Answer in Exam

15 Tips How to Write Unique Theory Subject Answer in Exam – Almost all students are facing this problem about how to write theory subject answer in exam because the marks of theory subject is low comparatively numerical subject. But don’t worry my dear friends, we will provide you some exam tips that helps to increase you mark.

 How to Write Unique Theory Subject Answer in Exam in nepali

Today, we are discussing best 15 Tips How to Write Unique Theory Subject Answer in Exam. We hope, you like this and helps to increasing your marks in exam. This trick is applicable for all level students, Public Service Commission Examiner, Banking sector Examiner, and other all sectors.  If you like these tricks and technique, you can apply in your exam. 

Please Read Carefully in Below:

15 Tips How to Write Unique Theory Subject Answer in Exam

It does not matter if we are aware of so many subjects that they cannot be presented in a good exam. It is very important to know about how we write the answers in the exam. Sounds good but the number doesn’t come our test may be due to lack of good writing style. So today, we are learning how to improve writing style in theory subject’s exam. l know some of you know some of the points may not have been presented below today. 
1. Make it a habit to write the answer by weighing or marks the number of questions- Examples
 – The question asked in the two marks is answered inline 3/4.
2. Write the answer by following the pattern correctly. Write answers separately in the Introduction, Body and Conclusion Part.
3. The marks of any question are divided into different parts of the answer. For example, the question of marks 2.5 is Introduction, Body is 5  and the Conclusion is 2.5.
4. In most cases, write down the answer limit of the student as long as the marks are also specified.
5. Write a unique answer that way easily impress copy checker in a Short Time. Write the answer, because the copy checker gives the number to you by checking the answer copy.
6. You can also present what you have written in the paragraph to form in Dia-Gram and list. Your answer is Wow. This is my personal best Trick, using which the final exam took the most numbers.
7. If there is a mistake in typing the answer, just cut one line. We have a habit of roughing so that you can not hide the mistake.
8. Give the answering only the marks that required, not filling only in the copy. It wastes your time and chance to leave other easy questions.
9. Whenever you start answering a question, just start by reading the whole question.
10. Write the answer to the question first which you have to know, do not have to write 1,2,3 … respectively.
11. If you do not know any questions, do not leave these questions if you write something, the marks will surely come.
12. Try to show your originality and create your unique answering pattern.
13. Try to write the simplest and clearest answer possible.
14. Respectfully write the questions. Like: Many questions are asked on the same question. Write the answers according to what is asked in the beginning.

15. Practice your writing habits in advance of the exam. It improves writing and writing habits.
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